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If you've never spoken to the press before, it can be tricky to know where to start. We've put together a step by step...
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There's no need to be shy about asking how much your story is worth. The fact is, the press do pay for stories and...
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Betrayal stories

Becka and Geraint

It was a routine op but I needed some TLC from my fiance. So where was he? By Becka Davies, 24, from Newport I rolled...

Crime stories

Tifani sold her story to the Sunday People

I was so happy to have my dad back in my life. But then my boyfriend did something that had devastating consequences for us...
Megan sold her story to Thats Life magazine

I was pregnant with twins when my front door burst open and a nightmare unfolded... By Megan Wilcox, 19, from Swanley, Kent Perched on the sofa,...

Romance and wedding stories

Lisa sold her story to two magazines

I thought I could never forgive Chris, 49, after he cheated on me - but when my divorce papers came through I had a...

Health and weight loss stories

Donna sold her story to Thats Life! magazine

  I was thrilled when I lost 10 stone before my big day. But then my groom made a shocking announcement... By Donna Penny, 36, from...
Sue and Lee before her weightloss

  I was fat, frumpy and fed up but then my hubby dropped a bombshell which forced me to change for good... By Sue Hayes, 47,...

Weird and wonderful stories

Jasmin and her son

  I'd been chewing my hair for as long as I could remember, but I never imagined the hairy situation it would land me in... By...
Sell My Story is the country’s leading agency for selling your story to a magazine, newspaper, or TV station, or even all three.
Over the last ten years our team has helped literally thousands of our clients to get their stories published by the press.
However, we do much more than sell stories to the media and negotiate the best possible fees for our clients. We have our own in-house team of experienced writers to discuss your idea with you and then, using only your own words, carefully craft an article to meet your aims.
Above all, we understand how important your story is to you – especially on sensitive issues. That is why we consult you at every stage of the process, and we ensure you approve every word of your story before it is published.
If you’re thinking of selling your story, why not have a confidential and no-obligation chat with one of our friendly team before you go any further? We can explain how to sell a story to the national press, and we’re always happy to offer free advice for contacting the media.

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