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If you've never spoken to the press before, it can be tricky to know where to start. We've put together a step by step...
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There's no need to be shy about asking how much your story is worth. The fact is, the press do pay for stories and...
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Betrayal stories

Beth sold her story to Thats Life!

I'd supported Chris through thick and thin. Then Facebook revealed a dirty secret... By Beth Coombs, 24, from Southsea, Hampshire Still sweaty as I hopped off...

Crime stories

Emma Bones

I began to doubt my flaky boyfriend but the truth was even darker than I feared... By Emma Bones, 30, from Cheshire As the “new message”...
Nicolas injuries

I thought my buff boyfriend Scott was the perfect gent, but he had a dangerous obsession... By Nicola Currie, 26, from Lanarkshire, Scotland I stifled...

Romance and wedding stories

Elaine and Ian

I couldn't believe it when I discovered my first love on Facebook decades later, but then a deadly diagnosis threatened our reunion... By Elaine Vivers,...

Health and weight loss stories

Rachel sold her story to Thats Life!

  I was overweight and miserable but then the motivation to shed the pounds came unexpectedly from beyond the grave... By Rachel Crowder, 20, from Liverpool As...
Donna sold her story to Real People and the Daily Mirror

When I fell pregnant after 12 years I had no idea that my baby's struggle had only just begun... By Donna Blair, 36, from West...

Weird and wonderful stories

Patti sold her story to Womans Own

When I was denied funding by the NHS to have my breast implants removed, I took matters into my own hands... By Patti Tucker, 50,...
Sell My Story is the country’s leading agency for selling your story to a magazine, newspaper, or TV station, or even all three.
Over the last ten years our team has helped literally thousands of our clients to get their stories published by the press.
However, we do much more than sell stories to the media and negotiate the best possible fees for our clients. We have our own in-house team of experienced writers to discuss your idea with you and then, using only your own words, carefully craft an article to meet your aims.
Above all, we understand how important your story is to you – especially on sensitive issues. That is why we consult you at every stage of the process, and we ensure you approve every word of your story before it is published.
If you’re thinking of selling your story, why not have a confidential and no-obligation chat with one of our friendly team before you go any further? We can explain how to sell a story to the national press, and we’re always happy to offer free advice for contacting the media.

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