This week’s most requested stories by the national press

This week’s most requested stories by the national press

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Heather Findlay

This month, we’ve been inundated with requests from the editors of both national newspapers and magazines, looking for interviewees to talk about the following topics.

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CANCER IN MEN – Have you been diagnosed with cancer at young age, or survived an extremely rare type? Did surviving cancer cause you to make extreme changes in your life…careers, relationships or hobbies? Did you have an unusual experience, something that surprises both friends and strangers? Would you like to raise awareness of the importance of recognising the early symptoms in male-only cancers?

MIGRAINES – Have you suffered extreme migraines? Were they caused by something unusual – like pregnancy, or chocolate? Did your doctors offer you an unusual cure…did it work? Is there something unique or unusual about your migraine experience?

DRINKING DURING PREGNANCY – Did you drink alcohol during pregnancy? Did it give your baby permanent disabilities or health problems such as Foetal Alcohol Syndrome? Or was your baby fine – and you believe drinking during pregnancy is safe, despite reports? Do you want to talk about your decision, and explain why?

SUICIDE – Has someone close to you committed, or attempted, suicide? Did it have a life-changing effect on your life? Have you attempted suicide before, and would you like to talk about the reasons behind it?

SEXUAL HEALTH – Have you been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease? Did it change your life forever – maybe it made you infertile or ended your marriage?

SKIN CONDITIONS – Do you have a visible skin condition, like eczema or vitiligo? Has it badly damaged your confidence and self-esteem, maybe even affected your relationships?

WACKY OBSESSIONS – Do you have a wacky obsession that’s taking over your life? Maybe it’s Christmas every day at your house, or you dress up as a pirate at the weekends…all weekend? Have you made an unusual lifestyle choice that you’re proud of, and want to share with magazine readers?

CONTRACEPTION ISSUES – Have you had issues with contraception? Did your implant fail…leaving you pregnant after a one-night stand? Or maybe you purposefully split a condom to get pregnant? Do you have a story that involves contraception, and want to discuss it as part of a wider feature?