Giving your baby the royal treatment?

Giving your baby the royal treatment?

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Sell My Story features editor Helen O'Brien


Have you heard the rumours that the royal baby is due this week? Apparently Saturday could be D-day… and there’s a helicopter already on standby to make sure Will gets to Kate’s private birthing suite on time.

Maybe us commoners don’t quite get the same regal fanfare with the arrival of our newborns, but why let that stop you? We’re looking for mums who treat their tot like a prince or princess, Kate and Will style!

  • Did you spend thousands on clothes for your newborn?
  • Do people say you went way OTT on pre-baby shopping?
  • Reckon if it’s good enough for royalty then your little one should have it too?
  • Have you been following Kate’s lead in choosing the pram, cot and other essentials?

We’re offering YOU up to £2,000 to tell us why you treat your baby like royalty. Fill in the contact form on the right and we’ll be in touch.