Sell my story to TV and radio

Sell my story to TV and radio

We also work with a range of TV programmes and documentaries. We can help you sell your story to a range of TV and radio programmes, including This Morning, Good Morning Britain and Five Live.

We also work with both British and  international TV and film producers, such as German-based RTL.

Being on TV might seem scary, but it’s actually a really enjoyable day out. If you’re on a breakfast TV show you’ll often be put up in a swanky London hotel the night before and treated to professional hair and make-up before you go on camera. All the presenters we work with are truly professional at putting our clients at ease, so there’s no need to worry you’ll freeze up or say something silly.

It’s a great opportunity to spread your message or champion a charity or cause. Have a look at our guide to selling a story for more information about how the process works. We’ve also written up an exclusive look at what happens behind the scenes at ITV. If you want to sell a story to a television show get in touch with us today via our contact page or using the form on the right.

By Helen O’Brien Google