Sell my story to a newspaper

Sell my story to a newspaper

If you’re looking for a big audience, selling your story to a newspaper is the best way to reach people. Maybe you want to raise awareness of a particular issue, give your opinion on an important debate or publicise your business? We work closely with the editors of tabloids like the Sun and the Daily Mirror, as well as broadsheets such as The Guardian and The Times.

When you want to sell your story to a newspaper, it can be difficult knowing who’s the best person to speak to – or if an offer is genuine. But by choosing to work with a reputable features agency like Sell My Story, your interests will be looked after. More importantly, we’ll go straight to the top and speak direct to the¬†appropriate editors. To find out how the press value stories, have a look at our guide to how much the media will pay.

Top five reasons to sell your story to a newspaper:

1. Reach a wide audience – The Sun has nearly 8 million readers a day, for example. That’s a lot of people!

2. Earn a great fee – You’ll earn a fee from newspaper that prints your story.

3. It often leads to other great opportunities to sell your story to a TV show or a magazine.

4. Newspapers often publish quicker than magazines, so if you want to tell a story quickly it’s a good option.

5.  Many newspaper stories are accompanied by a glam photoshoot.

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