Sell my story to a magazine

Sell my story to a magazine

If you want to sell your story to a magazine, you’re in good hands. We’ve been working with the editors of the UK’s top women’s magazines for nearly ten years and there’s not much we don’t know about the business.

With some titles reaching over two million female readers a week, selling your real life story to a magazine can be a great way to raise awareness of a particular cause or subject close to your heart.

Magazines publish all kinds of stories – from sensitive accounts of a tragedy, to light-hearted quirky tales. It could be about your holiday, wedding or anniversary. Maybe you’ve been the victim of a crime, and want to help other victims come forward, or been affected by a health condition which you want to raise awareness of. For a full list of story ideas click here.

Five reasons to sell your story to a magazine
  1. Share your story with millions – reach women, just like you
  2. Get a makeover – most magazines treat you to a glossy photo shoot, with professional make-up artists
  3. Earn a high fee Р often two or three times, as we can sell your story to several different magazines
  4. Stay in control – we always guarantee you full approval over the final article
  5. Have fun – it’s a enjoyable process, and you’ll have a beautiful article to keep forever

Some people just want to sell their real life story to a magazine, but we can also place your story in national newspapers, TV and radio. Find out more about how to sell your story to a newspaper here, or use the contact form on the right.

By Helen O’Brien Google