Wide bride! I got my dream body thanks to wedding photo

Wide bride! I got my dream body thanks to wedding photo

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Roxanne wedding
Roxanne wedding


I weighed 20 stone when I married my childhood sweetheart. But when the wedding photos came back I knew it was time to change…
By Roxanne Marshall, 23, from Clevedon, Somerset

As I settled down on the sofa with my fiance Ben, 23, and a huge plate of Chinese food, I tried to ignore my mobile phone flashing repeatedly next to me.

It was one of my friends, asking me to go out for a few drinks – but I was far happier hiding away in my living room than facing the agony of choosing something to wear.

At 20 stone, I was forced to cram my curves into size 24 clothing. I had never been slim but when I had my son Callum, now two,  in July 2012, the weight piled on even more.

My confidence plummeted and to make myself feel better I would indulge in all my favourite foods – like pizza, chinese and chocolate.

Of course this just made everything worse – it was a vicious cycle.

Roxy before her weight loss
Roxy before her weight loss

One day, I was walking with Callum in his pushchair when a kid strolled past and smirked at me.

‘Fatty!’ he yelled, and ran off. My face flushed crimson with embarrassment and I hurried home. After that, I avoided going out in public at all costs.

Ben and I had been together since we were both 16 years old and had got engaged in January 2010.

I knew he loved me for who I was – so I decided against dieting just for one day. I just wanted to focus on what was important – Ben, Callum and I.

The wedding was planned for October 2012 – just a few months after Callum was born, and I had ordered a bright pink dress from the USA because I hated anything white.


But as I waddled down the aisle, I felt horribly self-conscious. I usually hated having my picture taken, but suddenly all eyes were on me.

I found myself flinching every time I felt a camera bulb flash and I was hardly the blushing bride – I kept trying to suck my stomach in or hide my arm fat away.

‘Stop fidgeting, you look beautiful,’ Ben whispered in my ear, and I did my best to enjoy the day without stressing about my weight.

Roxanne wedding
Roxanne wedding

After our big day, I settled back into my usual routine. I loved being married to Ben and as time went on, I grew excited to what see our wedding photographs looked like.

A family friend had taken them and it took around six months for them to be ready.

‘They’re here!’ I squealed when they finally arrived.

But when I opened up the envelope, my heart sank. There was no denying it. I looked more like a blancmange than a bride.

I tried to hide my disappointment as Ben browsed them, and nodded in agreement when he said we should frame one and hang it on the wall.

But every time I looked at it, it was a stark reminder of just how huge I’d become.

It was the motivation I needed to change – so finally, a year after our big day, in October 2013, I signed up to Weight Watchers.

I swapped my chocolate bars for fruit and my sinful pizza and Chinese takeaways for healthy stir fries and homemade soup.


I was delighted when I lost a stone after just three weeks.I kept at it, and as the weight came off, my confidence increased.

A year later, I’d shed a whopping nine stone. At 11 stone and a slinky size 10, I was thrilled – suddenly clothes shopping was far more fun and a night out with my friends seemed much more appealing.

Now, I love exercise and I’m a much more active mum to Callum. I love flaunting my figure for the camera too!

Ben and I hope to renew our vows in a few years’ time and I’ll get my original dress altered to fit my new slim frame. This time, I’ll have a wedding album I’ll never forget – for all the right reasons.

Roxanne now
Roxanne now
Roxanne was so embarrassed when her wedding photos came back that she shed a whopping nine stone! She was so proud of her success that we helped her sell her story to Bella magazine. If you’d like to share your slimming story too, drop us a line via the form on the right and we’ll ring you to discuss your options.