Valentine’s rat! Fiance didn’t have flu – he was romancing his mistress

Valentine’s rat! Fiance didn’t have flu – he was romancing his mistress

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Amy and Liam on 21st
Amy and Liam on 21st


I was disappointed when my fiance fell ill on Valentine’s Day, but a message a month later revealed Liam was pulling more than just a sickie…
By Amy Hands, 23, Manchester

As my phone buzzed I rushed over to read my message. I was so excited about my Valentine’s plans, my fiance Liam had promised me a big surprise.

Liam and I had met five years earlier when we were 16. I fancied him as soon as I saw him, so when he asked me out, I was so excited.


My childhood sweetheart soon became a firm member of the family. Liam lived with his parents just around the corner from us and was best friends with two of my brothers. My parents loved him too.

So when Liam got down on one knee and proposed in front of all my loved ones on New Year’s Eve I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Amy and Liam
Amy and Liam

We were still so young, so agreed on a long engagement, but I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my perfect man.

I was excitedly looking forward to our Valentine’s plans together, and couldn’t wait to get dolled up for a romantic night out, but when I picked up my phone, my heart sank.

Sorry baby I’m just too ill to go out, Liam’s text message read. I felt so let down, I couldn’t believe my man was bailing on the most romantic weekend of the year.

But Liam sounded so poorly with man flu, I couldn’t help but feel bad for him. He definitely needed some rest.


You take care of yourself I typed, hoping he’d recover soon. We can always re-do Valentine’s Day another time!

Accepting my Valentines night in alone, I spread out on the sofa. It was disappointing but it couldn’t be helped. It was hardly Liam’s fault and I knew he wouldn’t cancel our special plans without a good reason.

We barely ever argued and after five years together, I knew Liam inside out. So that’s why, when another girl had popped up on Facebook in my suggested friends list, and she had a photo of herself and Liam as her profile picture, I shrugged it off.

At first I was fuming, and after I trawled through her profile and found it littered with snaps of her and my hubby-to-be, I confronted Liam.

‘She’s just a mate,’ he insisted. ‘I think she’s a bit obsessed with me.’

It seemed a bit odd but I accepted Liam’s explanation. After all, I had no reason to doubt my fiance and I knew he’d never lie to me.

But then, as Valentine’s Day approached, Liam suggested we hold off getting each other presents.


We usually loved giving each other gifts but Liam insisted we didn’t need to buy big presents to show each other how much we loved each other.

He had a point but now he’d cancelled our night out too.

‘I’ll make it up to you, I promise, ’ he told me. ‘I’m going to take you away for a mini break.’

Amy sold her story to Real People
Amy sold her story to Real People

I couldn’t stop the smile spreading across my face then. He was so thoughtful.

Liam was confined to his sick bed for the whole of Valentine’s weekend so I didn’t see him, but when he took me out for a special meal a week later, I knew we were back on track.

‘So when are you taking me on our romantic getaway then?’ I asked. Liam flashed me a cheeky smile and said: ‘It’s a surprise!’ giving me a wink.

A month after Valentine’s Day, I still hadn’t been whisked off for my intimate mini-break but I didn’t think anything of it. I had a ring on my finger – that’s all the commitment I needed.


But then one night, I was enjoying an evening to myself when my phone flashed with a message from someone I didn’t recognise.

Clicking into the message, a nervous knot tightened in the pit of my stomach.

You don’t know who I am, it read. ‘But I’m Liam’s girlfriend, I had no idea you were with him.

My jaw fell open in shock. I read and re-read the message over and over but it didn’t make sense. Liam was my fiance, we never had a cross word.

I felt the bile rise in my throat as I quickly typed a message back to demand answers. But the mystery phone floozy’s response floored me.

This is us the day before Valentine’s Day, she typed beneath a photo of her and Liam looking cosy together.

Liam and his mistress
Liam and his mistress

I was stunned. It was when our Valentine’s date had been planned for. But Liam had been in bed sick… hadn’t he?

Furious, I messaged her back, determined to know more. Nothing could have prepared me for what followed.

We’ve been together seven months, she confessed. I felt sick.

Liam had told me he’d been too ill to take me out for Valentine’s Day, I’d even felt sorry for him, but instead he was wining and dining his secret girlfriend.

Then as my mind raced after his mistress’s latest bombshell, I felt my heart break. Liam had been carrying on with this other woman when he’d proposed. It was almost too much to bear.

‘We need to talk,’ I spat as I called him. ‘I know everything.’

I felt so humiliated and when Liam turned up at my house, the look on his face said it all. It was true.

‘I’m so sorry,’ he broke down, confessing everything. I was devastated as Liam’s double life unravelled but worse was to come.


‘The girl on Facebook, the one with me in her profile picture… I cheated with her too,’ he admitted.

My world fell apart in that moment. It didn’t make sense, I thought we were happy.

‘Why would you do this?’ I demanded, desperate to know how my life could have crumbled around me.

‘We’ve been together so long, I just never got round to telling you I wanted to break up,’ he snivelled. ‘I didn’t mean to fall in love with someone else.’


I didn’t know why Liam had cheated, why he’d proposed to me when he was stringing another woman along, but one thing was clear – it was over between us.

‘Get out! I’ve heard enough,’ I stormed.


I was heartbroken after the split and it took time to get over the betrayal of my first love but I wasn’t about to let that rat ruin my future.

I focused on my own health and happiness and after joining Slimming World, I lost three-and-a-half stone.

Amy now
Amy now

Now, I’m loving single life and I look and feel fantastic. Liam’s other woman actually did me a favour when she messaged me and revealed what a rat he really is.

I still can’t believe my fiance took another woman out for Valentine’s Day but I know I’m better off without him.

Liam says: To be honest I didn’t deal with the situation very well. We’d been together for so long, obviously I’m not making excuses but it’s one of those things that happened and it’s done now. Splitting up with her (Amy) was like losing a family, two of my best mates were her brothers.

Amy was shocked and furious when she found her fiance cheating at Valentine’s. Have you revealed your cheating rat at an upsetting time or in a strange way? If you want sell your betrayal story in the press, read our ‘how to’ guide and complete the form on the right. One of our team will call you to discuss the process.