Amie and Jake
Twins Amie and Jake
I was overjoyed to be carrying twins, then when they arrived 15 weeks early their lives hung in the balance. But Amie and Jake looked out for each other, with Amie ultimately saving Jake’s life
By Hannah Reid, 24, from Buckie in Scotland

It was my son Dylan, now five, who pointed out we were having twins.

‘There’s two babies!’ he shouted with glee at my first scan.

We were over the moon and couldn’t wait for November 25 – their due date.

But I started bleeding at 16 weeks and in August last year, at just 25 weeks pregnant, I went into spontaneous labour.

Amie was born first, weighing just 1.11lbs. She didn’t breathe for the first 12 minutes and it took seven attempts to resuscitate her.

Jake arrived around 40 minutes later weighing 1.13lbs. They were both so tiny.

Their hands were the size of a twenty pence pieces and their skin as fragile and transparent as cling film.

It was terrifying and the worst thing was not being able to hug them.

Thankfully, the twins responded to treatment and Jake, the stronger of the two, was allowed home seven days before his due date.

When Amie joined us at home in December, Jake reached out for his twin sister’s hand.

Finally, we breathed a sigh of relief.

But just a week later Chris and I woke up to one of the twins crying.

We assumed it must have been Jake as Amie, still on oxygen, was the quieter of the two.

But when I got to the cot, I froze in horror.

Amie was crying… and her twin brother had turned completely blue.

Hannahs story in Pick Me Up
Hannahs story in Pick Me Up

Chris, who had been trained in CPR so that the twins were allowed home, delivered a life-saving breath which jolted Jake awake.

It was the longest 12 minutes of my life as we waited for the ambulance to rush Jake to hospital.

There, medics discovered his left lung had collapsed and he was fighting three infections.

We really thought we were going to lose our baby boy but incredibly, Jake pulled through.

Amie was a little lifesaver – if she hadn’t cried at that exact moment, it would have been too late for her brother.

They never cease to amaze us with their progress. They really are our little miracles and they share a twincredible bond.

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