Black and white twins
Rebecca's twins Baylee, who takes after her mum, and Kendall, who has inherited her dad’s looks
I gave birth to two baby girls who were identical in every way except one… one twin was black, and the other was white!
By Rebecca Horton, 28, from Kingswingford

I’ve dreamed about becoming a mother since I was a little girl, so when I moved in with Curtis after four years together, it wasn’t long before I hoped to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet.

When we discovered I was pregnant in May 2014, we were over the moon.

But at our first scan, medics delivered even more good news – I was expecting twins!

I couldn’t believe it and in the following months, Curtis and I excitedly prepared for our two new additions to the family.

The pregnancy went smoothly and in February I gave birth to two little girls by Caesarean section.

We were stunned. Our perfect twin daughters were so similar… except for one thing: one is black and the other is white!

As the midwives passed our little bundles to us, Curtis and I couldn’t stop staring at them.

We listened, shocked, as doctors explained it was a very rare scientific quirk, a result of me being white and Curtis being mixed race.

The girls were born from two separate eggs fertilised by two different sperm, so they inherited different gene selections.

It was a lovely feeling and made our precious babies even more special.

Our families thought we were making it up when we told them and whenever we take our little girls out, people can’t believe they’re twins.

Our twincredible daughters have completely different personalities. Kendall, who is black, is really laid back and easygoing.

Whereas Baylee, who is white, loves attention and is a very loud baby.

I just feel so lucky to have had my one-in-a-million miracle twins. And one thing’s for sure – we certainly won’t struggle to tell them apart!

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Rebecca’s story in Pick Me Up magazine
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