X-rated call from my man… and his lover

X-rated call from my man… and his lover

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Lisa James with ex David
When David woke me up at 1am with a sexy phone call I didn’t realise it would mean the end of the line for us.
By Lisa James, 28, from Llanelli

I carefully made the finishing touches to the kids’ beautifully wrapped Christmas presents and smiled to myself.

My daughter Kacey, three and 18-month-old son Jacob, were getting spoilt this year. There was already a big stack of presents under the tree, and I couldn’t wait to see their faces on Christmas morning.

‘Wow, they look awesome,’ said my boyfriend David, as he walked into the living room and admired the pile of pressies.

He looked smart and smelt amazing – he was getting ready for his office Christmas party.

‘You look nice,’ I smiled, as I wrapped him up in a hug. ‘Have a great time. Are you staying at your parents’ house tonight?’

David’s parents lived in Swansea, South Wales – where his office do was – while we lived in Llanelli, 12 miles away. It was cheaper to stay there than to get a cab home.

‘Yes, I’ll crash there and be back in the morning,’ he replied as he headed out the door. ‘I love you’.

‘Love you too,’ I replied as I waved him off.

Once he was gone I settled down on the sofa for the night, listening carefully for any noises from the children’s bedroom upstairs.

There was plenty of Christmas cheer on the telly and I found myself getting in the festive spirit, reminiscing on the Christmases David and I had enjoyed in the past.

After five years, and two children together, I couldn’t be happier.

To top it off, 2010 had been my year. I’d worked hard to shrink from a size 20 to a size 8 – losing a staggering seven stone in just 12 months.

I was thrilled with my weight loss, but there was one thing which bothered me… or rather, two things. I’d completely lost my boobs.

My flat-chest massively affected my confidence, and I felt so self-conscious that I hadn’t let David see me naked – let alone touch me – in months.

But I pushed that thought out of my head as I padded upstairs to bed.

I drifted off quickly but suddenly, at 1am, I was woken by a phone ringing. I opened my eyes wearily and searched for my mobile, only to discover it was our house phone.

I considered letting it ring out, but I didn’t want to wake the kids and besides, what if it was an emergency?

I threw the duvet back and got out of bed to answer the call.

‘Hello?’ I said. But there was no reply, all I could hear was a strange muffled sound at the other end of the line.

Assuming it was a wrong number, I was just about to hang up when I heard a voice I recognised instantly, and froze.

It was David – and he wasn’t alone. I could hear a woman in the background. They weren’t talking, but I could hear kissing and panting.

My heart thudded in my chest as the awful reality dawned: I was listening to the father of my kids having sex with another woman.

‘David?’ I stammered into the receiver. ‘What’s going on?’ But there was no answer, just more heavy breathing.

‘David!’ I screamed, but he couldn’t hear me. I could feel my eyes filling up with tears, but a sense of morbid curiosity left me unable to hang up.

For the next three agonising hours, I listened to David having sex with this stranger – twice. I could hear them giggling together as if they didn’t have a care in the world. I was devastated. When I finally hung up the phone, my mind was reeling.

How could he do this to me?

I frantically text one of my best friends, Kathleen. She was fuming but advised me to try to get some sleep and tackle David in the morning.

I tossed and turned all night as I replayed what I’d heard over and over in my mind.

Who was she? How long had it been going on? Were there other women?

I needed answers but David didn’t turn up until the afternoon. I was heartbroken – and furious.

I was out with my auntie Karen when he finally sent me a message to say he was home. I asked Karen to take the kids and headed home to confront him.

David could tell something was wrong the minute he saw me. ‘What’s wrong?’ he asked, looking sheepish and guilty.

I flew into a rage then.

‘What’s wrong? I’ll tell you what’s wrong. I heard you having sex with another woman! Don’t try to deny it – you called me last night by accident. I heard the whole disgusting thing.’

He looked down at the floor as I yelled and mumbled: ‘I can’t deny it, I’m sorry.’

I already knew the sordid truth but when David admitted he’d cheated my heart smashed into a thousand pieces.

‘How long has it been going on for?’ I demanded. ‘How many times have you slept with this woman? Who is she?’

‘It’s Rachel from work. But it only happened once – I swear,’ he said, unable to look me in the eye.

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Lisa sold her story to Take A Break

My mind raced. I’d met Rachel before at the office where she worked with David at the council housing benefits department.

She’d never seemed particularly friendly and didn’t bother to make conversation. Now I knew why – she was after my man.

I couldn’t believe that the man I loved – the father of my kids – had done this to me. But somehow, I managed to stay calm.

‘Please leave,’ I said. ‘I don’t want you here. You don’t deserve to live with me and the kids.’

David didn’t even protest – he just grabbed his stuff and went. He moved into his mother’s house, while I tried to move on.

But there was something still niggling away at me. I couldn’t believe this illicit encounter was a one-off, so after sneakily getting Rachel’s number from David’s phone I called her to get the truth.

She didn’t want to speak to me, but then I pulled out my trump card. I knew she had a boyfriend and child too.

‘If you don’t tell me what’s been going on, I’ll tell your partner everything,’ I threatened.

And that’s when the truth came tumbling out. Rachel admitted that she and David had been sleeping together for over a year – meeting for their grubby little trysts in hotels.

Every Wednesday, when I thought David was at football practice he was actually with her.

I felt bile rising in my throat as I hung up. I felt so betrayed – and stupid. A whole year… how could I have not known?

I knew I’d pushed David away in the bedroom after losing all the weight – and my boobs – but I never dreamed he’d go looking for sex elsewhere.

I made it through Christmas for the kids’ sake, but inside I was a mess. I lost even more weight and had trouble sleeping.

A few months later, David and Rachel were together officially. It broke my heart – but I was determined not to let David’s betrayal break me.

The first thing I did was go to my doctor about my flat chest. When he saw just how much my 34AA breasts were destroying my confidence he recommended me for a breast enlargement on the NHS.

When I heard I had been accepted forthe surgery, I was over the moon.

I was thrilled with my new 34DD boobs, and felt better about the way I looked immediately. I’d regained control of my body – and with it, my life.

I focussed on keeping myself fit and healthy, and even took up power-lifting. Most recently, I was awarded the title of Wales’ Strongest Woman!

Three years on, David is still with his phone sex caller, while I am currently dating. But I couldn’t be happier – David’s affair has left me stronger than ever – literally!

I’m so glad I ditched that phoney love rat for good.

David, 29, said: “Obviously it wasn’t the best way for it all to come out. In my opinion we were heading for a split anyway but the way it all came outwas regrettable. I try my best to help Lisa out with the kids as they are the most important people to me.”

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