I was dumped for another woman… on our honeymoon!

I was dumped for another woman… on our honeymoon!

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Sarah on her wedding day with husband Phillip

Unfortunately lots of couples get landed with a dodgy hotel, delayed flights and less than impressive weather on their honeymoon, but we recently worked with a bride who had a real honeymoon from hell. Sarah, 33, hit the headlines in September when her dad was jailed for punching her new husband. But the court case didn’t tell the whole story. It emerged that her groom, Phil, had been cheating since their wedding day, and had left Sarah heartbroken when he ended their marriage on their idyllic tropical honeymoon!

With reporters from magazines and newspapers on Sarah’s doorstep, desperate to hear her side of the story, she knew she needed help. That’s why she contacted Sell My Story. We got straight down to Cornwall to support her, and explain her media options.

Upset by the court coverage, Sarah decided she needed to have her say. We negotiated Sarah a lucrative exclusive deal with the Sun newspaper and That’s Life magazine.

sell a story to That's Life
Sarah told her story in That’s Life magazine

Sell My Story to the Sun newspaper - Sarah's wedding disaster story


New bride Sarah, 33, was on their dream honeymoon in Mexico when Philip dropped the bombshell he’d been cheating. Days into the holiday callous Philip even approached Sarah in the pool to excitedly announce he’d found a £35 quickie divorce online. For two weeks Sarah was staying in a perfect honeymoon resort but living in hell, only seeing Philip for an evening meal to keep up appearances to other newly-weds.  Back in the UK he moved out of their home and into a hotel with his mistress, while Sarah broke the news to her family. In despair, she even swallowed a packet of sleeping tablets to escape her misery. Sarah’s dad, who had shelled out thousands for the beautiful beach wedding, went to see Philip. But catching him in bed with his mistress, he beat Philip up. Stacey’s dad is now in prison, and she’s planning her divorce.


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