My tattooist husband covered me in his designs

My tattooist husband covered me in his designs

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Justyna and Eugene on their wedding day

Justyna, 35, met tattooist Eugene four years ago when he agreed to cover up a little lizard she’d had inked on her shoulder at the age of 18. But as he etched her body, Justyna fell in love! Bit by bit Justyna has let Eugene, 40, add to his design – and now her upper body is covered with a beautiful jungle scene, worth over £6,000… 

By Helen O’Brien Google

Back when I was 18 I got my first tattoo. It was a little lizard on my right shoulder.

It didn’t really mean anything, it was just an act of rebellion!

I never intended to have any more tattoos but years later, the design had started to blur and fade.

I started to think about getting a small cover-up done, and that’s when a friend recommended Eugene.

His beautiful realistic designs really appealed to me so, four years ago, I booked him for a consultation.

Justyna’s tropical tattoo

I wasn’t expecting to fall in love at first sight but Eugene was just as gorgeous as the patterns he inked!

And as he spent the next three hours etching two pink orchids onto my skin, I felt we really connected.

Back home, I decided to send him a text, just thanking him for my tattoo.

I crossed my fingers and hoped he’d reply, and a few days later he did.

We started chatting, then we met up for a romantic walk… and from that moment we were inseparable.

I loved having Eugene’s design on my shoulder – it reminded me of my sexy man whenever I looked at it.

But it wasn’t enough for Eugene. He was brimming with ideas to extend my floral pattern.

“Just let me add a bit, I promise you’ll love it,” he begged.

So of course I let him colour me just a little bit more, with the assurance that this would be the end of the tattoo.

Just weeks later though, he was itching to get his needle out again, and once more I let him add a few leaves to my design.

Most couples snuggle up to watch TV in the evenings, but over the next few years me and Eugene would end up in his tattoo studio time and time again.

By the time we married, last November, his love lines covered my upper body.

It’s a beautiful jungle scene of flowers, love birds and even an ocelot!

Even now Eugene’s still adding more across my back.

And, inspired by my man’s amazing talent, I’m now training to be a tattoo artist too.

I never expected to find romance in the tattoo studio, but I had designs on my husband from the very first moment I saw him… now his designs are all over me!

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