Survivor of the year promo pic

 At Sell My Story we pride ourselves in giving victims a voice in the media. Our top priority is giving you the chance to say whatever it is you want – whether that’s spreading a message of awareness, giving support to a charity, or providing hope for other victims. That’s why we’re launching our search for our Survivor of the Year, to give you a controlled platform to shout about whatever you need to.

We want to talk to any strong woman with a survival story. Initially we’d just have a confidential chat – nothing would ever be published without your written consent. Then if you did decide you’re ready to see your story published in a carefully selected women’s magazine, we’d make sure you get the final approval over every single word. There’s up to £2,000 on offer for you as well.

If you’ve got a friend or family member who’s your Survivor of the Year, get in touch too. We’ll give you the information to pass on to them when the time is right, explaining how they can get involved.

– Did you face your attacker in court?

– Have you helped to get someone convicted?

– Have you left a violent relationship?

– Have you overcome a dangerous situation from your past?

– Have you lost a loved one, and now you’re ready to talk about it?

– Would you like more information to pass on to a friend?

 Tell us what you’ve overcome, and if we can work with you to share your story there’s up to £2,000 on offer for you too. Some stories can even be told anonymously, so talk to us about the options.

Just fill in the contact form on the right, and we’ll be in touch for a confidential chat.