Sperminator hubby! Two baby bumps, one cheating lump

Sperminator hubby! Two baby bumps, one cheating lump

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Charlotte and Adam's wedding
Charlotte and Adam's wedding


I was ecstatic when I announced our baby news, but my Adam had some shocking news of his own…
By Charlotte Hill, 23, Pontypool, Wales

I switched on my computer and felt a thrill of excitement as I noticed a friend request on my Bebo account.

As my mouse hovered over the icon, a name flashed up on the screen: Adam Heal.

I knew of Adam through my family. My dad was a die-hard Manchester United fan and would organise trips up to Old Trafford for big matches.

Adam and his family were one of the groups on Dad’s bus loads of fans. I clicked ‘accept’ and after that, Adam and I got chatting.

Soon, I came to look forward to Adam’s messages so when he invited me out on a date, I jumped at the chance.

‘My mum is having a get together at hers for bonfire tonight,’ he said. ‘Do you want to come?’


I smiled back at him. ‘Definitely, sounds good,’ I replied.

There were definitely fireworks that night. Adam and I shared a spark and the following month, we made things official between us.

At 16, Adam was my first proper boyfriend but I knew early on that he was The One. But I wanted to do things properly and after living together for a while, we got engaged before tying the knot in April 2011.

‘You look stunning,’ Adam whispered as I glided down the aisle. I’d never been happier. Our wedding was the perfect day and we celebrated with magical photos in some beautiful underground grottos, before a big party at our local golf club.

Charlotte and Adam's wedding
Charlotte and Adam’s wedding

Admiring the rings on my finger, I beamed. ‘Let’s start trying for a baby,’ I said, turning to my new husband.

Just a couple of months later, I fell pregnant but our perfect bubble burst when, in the October, I miscarried.

Adam said: ‘It’s ok love, we can try again.’


I nodded through my tears, but I couldn’t help but notice that Adam was more interested in going out with his mates while I came to terms with our loss.

He’s just grieving,’ I told myself as he grabbed his coat and headed out for the second night in a row.

Just a month later, I fell pregnant again. Clutching the little white stick, I could scarcely believe it myself as the two blue lines appeared.

But after the heartache we’d been through, I held off from telling Adam. I wasn’t the only one grieving for a lost baby. I couldn’t bear to break his heart again.

For a whole month, I kept the news to myself but, on Christmas Day, I couldn’t keep it in any longer.

‘I’ve got an extra special present for you this year,’ I grinned at Adam, as we sat around the Christmas tree.

Smoothing my hand over my barely-there bump, I said: ‘You’re going to be a daddy. I’m pregnant.’


I watched as Adam’s face broke into a grin. ‘Oh Charlotte, that’s amazing,’ he replied as he leapt up and wrapped me up in a huge hug. ‘I can’t wait for us to be a little family.’

Early in the new year, we went to the hospital for our first scan. My heart was hammering in my chest as the sonographer moved the machine over my belly.

Please tell me everything is ok, I repeated, over and over in my mind.

I looked over at Adam for some support but he was busy playing on his phone. Then came the words I’d been longing to hear.

‘There’s your baby’s heartbeat,’ the nurse said. ‘He or she is perfectly healthy.’

I breathed a huge sigh of relief and Adam smiled as he looked up at the outline of our tiny baby on the screen.

‘Can we get some pictures?’ he asked excitedly. ‘We want to show our families.’

Charlotte pregnant
Charlotte pregnant

I went home that day with my mind at rest. My dream was becoming a reality. I busied myself preparing for our new arrival but a month later, in February 2012, my phone beeped with a message from Adam.

‘I’m working late but I’ll be home by 5.30pm,’ it read. ‘I need to talk to you. It’s serious.’

My mind raced. We’d been arguing a bit and I’d noticed he’d been on his phone and laptop a lot but Adam and I had a baby on the way. We hadn’t even been married a year.

He was probably just nervous about becoming a first-time dad, I told myself. But nothing could have prepared me for what followed.

‘I need to talk you,’ he said sheepishly as he came through the door later that day. I felt a nervous knot tighten in my stomach as I said: ‘Go on then.’

‘I’ve had a one-night stand,’ Adam blurted. ‘On New Year’s Eve I slept with a girl called Nicola,’

His words hit like heavy punches. I could hardly take in what he was saying but Adam’s confession didn’t end there.

‘She’s just sent me a message to say that she’s pregnant… with my baby.’


I was completely floored then. ‘Get out!’ I yelled, protectively cradling my baby bump. ‘Just leave me alone!’

As Adam left, I ran upstairs and threw myself on our bed. I let the racking sobs take over then. After the miscarriage I thought this baby would be a fresh start for us. Instead, I felt like my whole world had ended in that moment.

‘Mum,’ I stuttered tearfully, as I picked up the phone. ‘Can you come over?’ I broke down as I told Mum what had happened.

I thought back to New Year’s Eve. We’d spent the night together at home with friends who had come up from London to visit us.

We’d seen in the New Year together but then Adam decided he wanted to go into town for a few drinks.

Pregnant, I’d stayed at home. I remembered Adam had come home at 3.30am, wanting to take my karaoke machine out with him to a house party.

I told him that it was late enough. We argued and he went out anyway – that must have been when it happened.


I was devastated but a couple of months later, I was feeling strong enough to confront Nicola. I wanted to hear her version of events.

I tracked her down on Facebook and typed out a message. I held my breath but it wasn’t long before she replied.

Charlotte and Adam
Charlotte and Adam

Nicola admitted the affair but explained she had no idea Adam was married. ‘It wasn’t a one-night stand, we were together for a couple of months,’ she told me.

‘I got pregnant but I was in a relationship with Adam. He used to come round every night after work, he’d let himself in through the back door. I had no idea he was with anyone else, let alone married.’

Of course, Adam denied everything but hearing Nicola’s side of the story was almost too much to bear.

Adam was my husband and I was expecting our first baby – all while she was planning her life with him.

I spent the rest of my pregnancy scared and alone and although Adam was at our son’s birth in August that year, it wasn’t long before I realised it was never going to work between us.


Little Theo had been born after an emergency Caesarean and Adam and I agreed to give things another try for his sake.

But just three days after his traumatic birth, Adam expected me to do everything around the house.

‘Why don’t we move away,’ he suggested. ‘It’ll be a fresh start.’ I agreed and we upped sticks to a town 10 miles away.

I wanted the best for my family and was willing to give my marriage a shot for Theo – but things with Adam continued to spiral downhill and I realised the trust was broken forever.

In September 2013, we split for good.

A month later, still grieving for the end of my marriage, I logged onto Facebook and typed out a message to Nicola.

‘Adam and I have split,’ I wrote. ‘Don’t be surprised if he comes crawling back to you.’

Lo and behold, he’d done exactly that.


‘He’s suddenly decided he wants to get to know George*, his little boy, now,’ Nicola told me.

I moved back to my home town and slowly, Nicola and I bonded over booting out our rat. What happened was in the past and I didn’t blame her for what happened.

Adam was the one who was married with a pregnant wife at home – Nicola was just as much a victim of Adam’s deceit as I was.

Charlotte now
Charlotte now

Apart from my gorgeous little boy, my unlikely friendship with Nicola is the only positive thing to have come from all this.

We’re both better off with him.

*George’s name has been changed

Adam, 26, said: “It was a one-night stand, on New Year’s Eve, when me and Charlotte wasn’t together. (I told Charlotte) that it was a possible chance (that I was the father of Nicola’s baby). It’s just the one-night stand. (Nicola) was back with her partner a couple of days later. Me and Charlotte just broke up a week beforehand. I didn’t know she was pregnant at the time. We found out later on, that’s why we got back together. Nobody knew she (Charlotte) was pregnant. She told me she was pregnant about a week into January.”


Nicola, 22, said: “It did happen on more than one occasion. It started on New Year’s Eve and we saw each other a few times up until I knew he was married. No, I didn’t know (he was married). (I thought he was single). I didn’t know anything about him. He was coming here every day after work, I had no reason to believe he was seeing anyone else. (The affair went on) for about a month maybe. He was literally coming here every day, I had no reason to believe he was seeing anyone else, never mind married. I found out really early on I was pregnant, and then when I found out that he was married, I told him then – you’ve got to tell her. He said, technically he was married but they wasn’t together, he was sleeping on the settee. And then I found out she was pregnant as well, so obviously I put two and two together and realised he must have been sleeping with her for her to be pregnant. So I said to him then, either you tell her, or I will – and that’s when he told her. (It was a) massive, massive shock, finding out he was married and then finding out the wife was pregnant. They (Charlotte’s son, Theo, and Nicola’s son, Jacob) both used to come here with Adam to play. There was only six weeks between Theo and Jacob, so he must have been seeing the two of us at the same time.”

When Charlotte found her hubby not only cheating, but expecting a baby with another woman, she was crushed. Incredibly, an unlikely friendship formed between the two women and Charlotte felt able to share her experience with Take a Break magazine, negotiating the best price for her story. If you have a betrayal story to sell, read through our ‘how to’ guides then contact us to discuss the process.