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Weight loss isn’t easy, and we applaud each one of you for every single pound you’ve battled to lose. That’s why we’re launching our search for the UK’s Best Slimmer. There’s up to £1,000 on offer for your success stories – we’ll publish them in the UK’s best magazines to show the nation that it IS possible to transform your body, and your life.

We’re not necessarily looking for the biggest weight loss – we want to hear from anyone with an inspirational and interesting story behind their journey.

 – Did you drop the pounds especially for a special occasion, like a wedding or a milestone birthday?

– Did a photo of you looking flabby inspire you to face the scales? Or an embarrassing incident?

– Did you try an unusual or inventive approach to keeping yourself motivated? Did you give yourself a cash reward, or maybe your partner splashed the cash to say well done?

– Did you track your journey with a weekly photo diary, special Facebook page, or a blog?

– Did your weight loss inspire you to try something you’d never dare? Perhaps you’ve taken up burlesque dancing, found a new career, or finally jumped into the dating game?

– Was an unsupportive partner to blame for your weight gain? Did they encourage you to gorge, then ditch you when you decided to get healthy?

Tell us how you managed to drop the pounds, and if you’re chosen to feature in a magazine you could get up to £1,000 to treat yourself to the new wardrobe you deserve. Before and after pictures are essential, but we’ll do the rest. Tell your friends too!

Just fill in the contact form on the right, and we’ll be in touch.