Shafted! “I broke my boyfriend’s willy”

Shafted! “I broke my boyfriend’s willy”

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Megan and Adam
Megan and Adam
My boyfriend Adam and I were enjoying a night of racy fun when we discovered a hard truth – love hurts!
By Megan Barker, 21, from Guildford

Patting the empty space in the bed beside him, Adam rolled over and gave me that cheeky look I was all too familiar with. ‘Get in here!’ He grinned.

‘Be patient,’ I joked, rinsing my toothbrush under the cold tap. I took one last glance in the mirror and ran my fingers through my hair. I wanted to look sexy for my man.

I wandered over to the bed and slid under the sheets. Not one to waste any time, Adam pounced on me with hungry hands as soon as my head hit the pillow and I surrendered myself to his warm embrace.  

This was a typical night for Adam and I. We’d met through friends in 2013 and were instantly smitten with each other.


Adam, a model, was absolutely gorgeous and when he’d asked me out for a drink I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Although it had just started as a bit of fun, It wasn’t long before we were an item and both young and active, we had an extremely healthy sex life. Even two years on, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

So what better way to spend a chilly February night, than with a saucy session in bed?

We were frantically frolicking around when Adam suddenly manoeuvred himself behind me. I moaned with excitement as he moved back and forth.

Megan and Adam in bed
Megan and Adam in bed

I clasped my hands on the pillow and arched my back in ecstasy… and suddenly heard this awful rip.

What on earth was that?

Shocked, I turned to look at Adam who had let out a gut-wrenching howl.

‘Are you OK?’ I asked, fearing the worst.


He’d turned as white as the sheets!

When Adam jumped out of bed, clutching his groin, we realised there was blood gushing from his penis.

‘What’s happening?’ He cried, as I leaped out of bed to comfort him.

In agony, he fled to the bathroom, closely tailed by me. He looked sick to the stomach.

Then the realisation dawned on me… I’d broken my man’s manhood.

Seeing his face turn grey, I poured Adam a glass of chilled water and handed it to him, urging him to drink up. ‘This will make you feel better,’ I assured him. In truth, I had no idea what to do.

But just then, his legs gave way from under him and Adam collapsed onto the floor, hitting his head on the sink on the way.

‘Adam!’ I screamed, trying to break his fall. I knelt down beside him and cradled his head on my lap. ‘Wake up!’


I was hysterical. I wasn’t remotely prepared to deal with a situation like this.

When Adam started coming around, I jumped on the phone to my best friend Tom, 21. I needed advice from someone who I could tell everything.

Megan and Adam
Megan and Adam

I was inconsolable.

‘I’ve broken Adam’s willy,’ I sobbed. I felt a terrible sense of guilt. What was supposed to be a night of fun had quickly descended into a night of misery.   

‘Don’t worry, Megan,’ he soothed. ‘It’s happened to a mate of mine – it’s not as catastrophic as you think!

“But call the paramedics anyway and get him checked out.”

Terrified, I dialled 999 and surveyed the bloodbath around me in disbelief.

By the time the paramedics arrived, Adam had begun to register his surroundings, although he was still dazed and confused.


The place looked like a crime scene. Adam was lying naked on the floor and there was blood everywhere, including on my hands.

They looked perplexed.

‘What’s happened here then?’ asked one of the medics bending down beside Adam.

‘I ran into the bathroom door,’ Adam blurted out before I had a chance to explain the night’s events.

I didn’t say anything to contradict him. He was too mortified to tell the truth and I felt terrible for him. I didn’t want to make a bad situation worse.

The paramedics checked him for concussion and thankfully gave him the all-clear.

After realising that the world wasn’t about to end, I joined Adam on the computer to research his injury on the internet.

‘What are we going to do?’ I asked him, rubbing my hand on his shoulder.


But thankfully there was plenty of information available online. Adam certainly wasn’t the first man to break his willy!

I helped clean him up and get him back into bed.

‘It’s agony,’ he winced as I tucked him in.

‘You’ll be as right as rain again in no time,’ I whispered, leaning over to kiss him goodnight. ‘We’ll get you back in working order.’

‘I hope so,’ replied Adam, managing a smile. ‘I’d hate to consider the alternative!’

The next three months were absolute agony for poor Adam. For two whole weeks he could barely walk.  

Around one month later when he was a bit better we visited our local sexual health clinic to make sure everything was looking as it should.

Megan and Adam‘If the penis isn’t healing after a fracture we usually have to go in and operate,’ said the doctor.

Adam shot me a worried look.

‘But everything seems to be coming along just fine,’ he added.

‘Thank God,’ sighed Adam. ‘I’ve suffered enough trauma,’ he laughed.

Adam has since made a full recovery and we’re now back to business in the bedroom. We’ve had a lot of time to make up over the past six months.

However whenever Adam recounts the tale his face turns that same pasty shade it turned that night. I don’t think he’ll forget the experience in a hurry.

I still can’t believe I broke my boyfriend’s penis!

Megan and Adam
Megan and Adam

Adam says: “It is the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life, there’s no doubt about that. It is indescribable. To add to that, I am not very good with blood so that was what sent me over the edge. I was completely freaking out. I ran into the bathroom and thought I was keeping it together but I totally blacked out. I’d had a glass of water in my hand when my legs gave way and I tumbled to the floor, hitting my head on the sink. I remember waking up in Megan’s arms and thinking I was in the lounge. I was so disoriented, it took me a little while to remember why I was on the bathroom floor! For a few moments I was blissfully unaware of the horrible sequence of events that evening… Until I looked around me. There was glass everywhere! Who knows what the paramedics must have thought when they arrived on the scene? It was total carnage and of course I was completely naked on the floor. I was too embarrassed to tell them the truth so I told them I had ran into the bathroom door. I was still in shock and hadn’t completely come to terms with what had just happened to my manhood. My pupils were so enlarged that I’m sure they must have thought I was on drugs. Later on, when I had been checked for concussion and given the all clear, I searched the internet for advice on how to heal my broken penis. I also had myself checked out at a sexual health clinic just to make sure I was on the right track. I’d read that if it isn’t dealt with properly it can lead to all sorts of problems and I didn’t want to mess about with that region. I was told to keep it clean and to try not to move it for as long as possible. It wasn’t easy and the first fortnight was practically unbearable as I struggled to walk. It was impossible to get comfy. It wasn’t an easy few months and I still suffer flashbacks! Megan feels awful about what happened but these things happen in the throws of passion… Apparently. I am just glad that I have the use of my willy back, although we stay away from a certain position! I have no plans to let it happen to me again.”  

Adam took it in good humour when Megan decided to sell their excruciating story to That’s Life! magazine. If you have an extreme health story you want to share,  fill in the form on the right and we’ll give you a call and discuss the process.