Saggy skin shock! I lost 12st but was happier fat

Saggy skin shock! I lost 12st but was happier fat

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Mandy before and after losing 12 stone with Slimming World
Before and after losing 12 stone with Slimming World
After years of eating double portions, I lost 12 stone. But while I should have been over the moon with my new body I still had a big fat problem…
By Mandy Jarvis, 47, from Southampton


Slumping on the sofa, I reached for the family-sized packet of Doritos next to me.

As a full-time mum of six, I barely had two seconds to myself during the day, and often had to wait until the kids were bathed and in bed before I had a chance to relax.

I was knackered, and I’d reach for the junk food in an attempt to perk up again.

After the crisps, I then scoffed a whole large bar of chocolate – and that was after having a massive pizza takeaway for tea.

But snacking only helped me feel better for about half an hour, and then I was back to feeling my usual lethargic and run-down self.

In my younger days, I was really active and actually trained to be an ice-skating instructor. I worked at the local ice rink and lived to skate.

But I started to pile on the pounds after the birth of my first child, Jody, now 23.

I expected to gain weight during my first pregnancy, but I ate for two long after the birth of my little girl, ordering four takeaways a week and snacking on whatever I could get my hands on in between.

Mandy before Slimming World weight loss
Mandy before her weight loss.

In time, I went on to have another five children, and eventually my weight crept up to a massive 23 stone.

At just 5ft 3in and a size 32, I couldn’t even walk up a few steps without getting out of breath – I was huge.

My joints ached when I walked and I soon gave up trying to play outdoors with the kids, leaving that up to my husband, Kevin, 48.

I knew he loved me for who I was, but I couldn’t help feeling insecure about my appearance. Soon I preferred to stay inside rather than go out.

My eldest Jody loved to shop, and would often nag me to come with her. But for me, clothes shopping was a nightmare.

I only ventured to the shops twice a year to buy myself the overpriced, super-sized clothes that I needed – I just couldn’t face the embarrassment.

Then, in November 2013, I had my wake up call.

I was watching television when all of a sudden a sharp pain shot across my chest.

Over the next few days, the pain only got worse, and when I started getting pains down my arms, I began to panic.

‘I think I’m having a heart attack,’ I gasped to Kevin, clutching my chest.

Terrified, he rushed me to the hospital, where doctors immediately gathered around me, carrying out all sorts of tests.

Thankfully, a doctor soon returned and told me it was just a gastric infection and gave me some antibiotics.

‘But you need to lose some weight – you’re carrying too much for your height and it’s causing quite a bit of damage to your body,’ he warned.

As I lay in the hospital bed, I started to wonder how long it would be before I did have a heart attack.

My weight was causing problems with my health, there was no doubt about that.

I had been burying my head in the sand for years, but I realised if I didn’t do something to change that I may not be around to see my children grow up – something had to be done.

Mandy after weight loss with daughter Jody
Mandy after weight loss with daughter

I have to change – for my family’s sake as well as mine, I thought to myself.

I spoke to my GP – who said I was eligible for gastric surgery to help me lose the weight, but after thinking long and hard about it, something inside told me to say no.

I was determined to do this myself.

I had tried every diet going in the past, but I would always end up bigger than before.

But this was different – now I was more sure than ever that I wanted to lose the weight and get healthy again.

So, after losing two stone using a meal replacement plan, I joined Slimming World in February 2014.

I was nervous, but the group was friendly and welcoming, and after learning how the diet plan works, I felt more sure than ever that I could do it.

I swapped the takeaways for home cooked meals such as lean meat and vegetables, and instead of snacking on family-sized bars of chocolate, I started to eat lots of fruit.

I was surprised at how much I could eat, so when I lost 5lbs in my first week, I was thrilled.

I kept at it, and so far I’ve lost a whopping 12 stone and I’m a tiny size 10.

I’m far more active now and I’ve even started ice skating again, and we go as a family at least once a month.

People can’t believe the change in me, and Kevin, who I have been married to for 26 years, often jokes that he’s gone and got himself a new wife!

But what people don’t know is the secret that lies underneath my clothes.

I know I should feel great but the truth is, I feel more insecure about my body than ever.

My dramatic weight loss has left me with a huge apron of saggy skin on my stomach and hideous bingo wings.

I have tried everything to tone up my loose skin. I exercise every day, and do lots of activities including swimming, cycling, walking, zumba, ballroom, Latin and line dancing classes.

But so far nothing has worked – it just seems that no amount of exercise will shift the folds of flab.

Kevin thinks I look amazing, but I feel uglier than ever before and hate looking at myself in the mirror.

I’ve got so much loose skin, I look like a wrinkled puppy and it’s made me incredibly self-conscious in bed.

There’s no denying that I’m much healthier now but sometimes I think I’d be happier if I was fat – at least my skin fitted me when I was bigger!

So I applied for a skin removal operation on the NHS, with my doctor’s support, but unfortunately I was turned down.

Mandy sold her story to Thats Life
Mandy sold her weight loss story to Thats Life

When I got the letter through to say that I don’t qualify as it is not a necessity – I cried my eyes out. I just didn’t know what to do.

There is no way I can afford the surgery myself, and I really hate the way I look now.

They say the obese cost the NHS far more than slim people, so where is the help when the obese get slim?

It really doesn’t seem fair. I worked with my doctor to ensure that I fitted the criteria for surgery and yet they still said no.

I worked so hard to lose the weight naturally but now I feel like I’m being punished for it.

So for now, I’m still begging the NHS to fund a tummy tuck. I feel like I deserve it.

Without the operation, all that effort will have been wasted. Some days I wish I hadn’t lost the weight at all, and that’s a very hard thing to accept.

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