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Do you fancy jetting off somewhere tropical? We’re offering  YOU up to £2,000 for sharing your true real life story in a women’s magazine. Tell us all about your idea, and we do the rest!

Just fill in the contact form on the right – then we’ll get in touch to talk things through.

We’re looking for all sorts of stories for top national newspapers and magazines. Not sure if you have a story? Don’t worry, we’ve got a list of ideas to help:

Crime – Did you convict someone for assault, rape, sexual abuse or another violent crime? Or was a family member or your partner a victim?

Betrayal – Were you hurt, cheated or betrayed by a sibling, partner, child or parent? Has your family fallen apart?

Weight – Have you suffered from anorexia or obesity? Have you lost or gained a lot of weight? You’ll need pictures to show this.

Holidays – Was your holiday memorable for an unexpected reason, good or bad?

Weddings – Did you experience tragedy or betrayal on your hen-night, wedding day or honeymoon? Or did something extraordinary happen?

Romance – Did you meet in a weird way? Is your relationship unusual? Are people amazed you’re together?

Beauty – Have you sacrificed money, health or relationships for your looks? Or to look like a celebrity? Do you have photos of your botched surgery?

Crazy world – Do you have a bizarre hobby, fetish or job? Is your lifestyle almost too strange to be true?

Health – Do you have pictures of your unusual health condition? Or has affected you in a way you didn’t expect?