Pet rescue! Pooches pulled my girl to safety

Pet rescue! Pooches pulled my girl to safety

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Julie-Anne sold her story to a newspaper and magazine
Julie-Anne sold her story to a newspaper and magazine


When my teenage daughter fainted in the middle of a busy road, she relied on puppy power to come to her rescue…
By Julie-Anne Taylor, 50, from Calshot, Hampshire

Dogs are said to be a man’s best friend. And Julie-Anne Taylor’s adopted pups proved their might when they pulled her helpless daughter to safety after she collapsed in the middle of a busy road.

Julie-Anne’s youngest daughter Kyra, 16, and their dogs Ben and Riddick were inseparable.

“Kyra was thrilled when we got Ben from a rescue centre, 8 Below Husky Rescue, three years ago,” says Julie-Anne, a former library secretary.

“We had seen him on their website and knew instantly we had to have him. Ben and Kyra bonded at once but she was soon nagging me for another dog.

“And in June last year, we took in Riddick. With his fluffy, white fur, he was gorgeous and I didn’t need much persuading.

“He was only a pup at nine months old but had already been rehomed four times.”

Riddick quickly became part of the family. Julie-Anne’s eldest daughter Freyja, 17, loved them too, but it was Kyra who spent every spare moment taking care of their pet pooches.

Julie-Anne, 50, says: “She’d take them for walks on the beach every day, let them curl up on her bed at night and even baked them healthy doggy treats using oats, sardines and turmeric, which is good for their teeth.”

And the dogs were good for Kyra, too. “She has always been quiet and shy, but she’d come out of her shell talking about the dogs.”

Kyra, 16, had been suffering from dizzy spells when she took the family’s two rescue dogs for a walk on Calshot beach, Hampshire, on February 13, like she did most days.

After a couple of hours, Kyra clipped Ben and Riddick onto her walking belt and started the five minute journey back to her home in Tristan Close, Calshot.

But while crossing the busy B3053 just two streets from the house Kyra shares with her mum and Freyja, she fainted.

Unconscious as oncoming traffic sped towards her, Kyra’s dogs sprang into action. Riddick pulled helpless Kyra by the arm as Ben dragged her from the waist onto the grass verge at the side of the road and into safety.

Kyra says: “I don’t really remember what happened. One minute I was crossing the road and the next I woke up by the verge. When I saw the dogs guarding over me I realised what must have happened.

“I’d been suffering with dizzy spells for about a couple of weeks but I hadn’t blacked out before then. I can’t believe I fainted in the middle of the road. I was so proud of the dogs for saving me.”

Kyra made her way home with the help of brave Ben and Riddick, where her mother, Julie-Anne, ushered her inside.

Julie-Anne says: “A gentleman who was driving saw the dogs pull Kyra out of the road and lie down next to her. He pulled over to make sure she was ok, followed her home and then told me what happened.

“I think he was quite brave for approaching our big two dogs while they were protecting Kyra.

“That road can be quite busy at the weekends and it’s a village lane so some people drive down there way too fast.

“My boys were heroes that day. They saved Kyra’s life.”

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