Naughty neigh-bour! Caught my man HORSING around with another woman

Naughty neigh-bour! Caught my man HORSING around with another woman

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Victoria sold her story to Thats Life!
Victoria sold her story to Thats Life!
My sexy new neighbour was my MANE man, or so I thought…
By Victoria Tregenza, 36, from Camborne, Cornwall


Pulling open the curtains to find out what the commotion was, I pressed my nose up against to the window.


There was a removal van parked outside the house next door, and carrying boxes in his huge grip was a tall, dark and handsome man.

I’d not long split with my ex after ten years together and I’d been nursing a broken heart. This could be the welcome distraction I need, I jokingly thought to myself.

I didn’t have to wait long for an introduction. A few hours had passed before there was a knock at the door.

‘I’m Thor,’ my new neighbour introduced himself. ‘I’ve just moved in.’

‘I hadn’t noticed,’ I lied cheekily. ‘Nice to meet you.’

Thor was gorgeous and although I wasn’t looking for love, there was no denying he lived up to his name. He was like some kind of Norse God!

‘We should have a drink sometime,’ he added.

Victoria and Thor
Victoria and Thor

‘Of course!’ I replied, trying to contain my excitement.


A few days later, true to his word, Thor invited me for a drink at the local pub. He was gorgeous but he had a great personality too. A rare find.

We began spending more time together and before I knew it we were firm friends. It was hard to ignore the chemistry between us, despite my insistence that I didn’t want anything more.

I really liked Thor but my ex hadn’t long moved out and our lives were still very much intertwined. I even ran my horse-riding school on his land.

I’d been teaching for ten years and had spent the last eight years working hard to make my business work.

My grandmother had first sat me on a pony when I was just six months old and my obsession with horses grew from there. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t ride.

I simply couldn’t contemplate not having my horses. I devoted every day to them.

They were my life and I was lucky that my ex had been kind enough to allow me to carry on renting the land, after our split.

So I couldn’t deny that I felt guilty over my burgeoning feelings for Thor. I tried to dismiss them but with every hour I spent in his company, I fell more and more in love.

‘I really like you,’ said Thor, one night over a glass of wine.

‘And I like you too,’ I blushed, my cheeks turning red.

‘No, I really, really like you,’ he said leaning in closer, caressing my face with his huge hands.

Before I knew it we were kissing passionately on his couch. It felt so right, that a thousand wild horses couldn’t have stopped me. I was his.

From then on it was a whirlwind romance, and before I knew it, he was my mane man.

Thor was everything I’d ever dreamed of. We spent all of our time together but we hadn’t been together furlong when Thor made a shocking proposition.

‘I think we should move in together,’ he said.

I was taken aback by his suggestion. ‘But we’ve only been together for a few months,’ I reasoned. ‘Perhaps we should wait.’

Thor smiled and pulled me into his arms. He said: ‘We’re always with each other though and it doesn’t make any sense to be renting two homes.’

Victoria and Thor
Victoria and Thor

I thought about my horses, my business, there was no way my ex would allow me to continue to work on his land if he knew I had moved on so soon.

‘I’d have to give up everything I’ve worked so hard for,’ I replied. ‘This would be a huge step, a huge commitment.’

‘But we’re meant to be together,’ Thor said, taking me in his arms. ‘I have no doubt that we were made for each other.’

I melted in his embrace. He was right, and I felt the same. ‘Let’s do it,’ I whispered in his ear.


So with a heavy heart I sold the stables and moved in with my gorgeous stud.

Thor and I had been together for seven blissful months when we moved into a cottage in January this year.

Life with my sexy stallion was perfect – apart from Thor’s strange habit of using his phone in the middle of the night.

‘What on earth are you doing?’ I asked him one night, confused by the strange light of his mobile piercing the darkness.

‘Mind your own business,’ he snapped. I was taken aback by his reaction but closed my eyes and tried to forget it.

But when he continued to use his mobile in the dead of night, I confronted him.

‘Why do you have to use your mobile during such unsociable hours?’ I asked. ‘Are you hiding something?’

‘My mates and I like to chat together Vicky,’ he said. ‘Everyone is entitled to some privacy.’


He had a point. He didn’t have to share everything with me and I didn’t want him to. The last thing I wanted to do was smother him. I wasn’t that sort of girlfriend.

But the longer it continued, the more I was intrigued.  

So one day, when he left his mobile unattended, I seized my opportunity to find out what was really going on.

My stomach lurched as I found a message from a mystery woman. What time are we meeting tomorrow? It read.

I scratched my head and desperately tried to think of a girl that he might meet up with platonically… But he had told me he was working the next day.

Despite my snooping, I couldn’t keep this to myself. I had to confront him or I would have driven myself mad.

‘What is this?’ I said, showing him the text.

‘It’s just a work thing,’ he bristled. ‘You shouldn’t be looking at my phone anyway – it’s my private property.’

I backed down but the seeds of suspicion had been sown. I just couldn’t accept his explanation. What is he up to?

Later that day, we were driving to his mum’s house when she called Thor’s mobile. He was behind the wheel, so he handed me his phone to take the call.


But I wasn’t about to let the opportunity to investigate pass and quickly searched through his inbox.

My heart sank. I found countless messages dating back weeks between Thor and his mystery mistress – he even told her that he loved her and missed her. Sick!

‘Give me the phone,’ he shouted, trying to grab his mobile out of my grasp. Unable to retrieve it, he quickly pulled over the car. ‘Give it back!’ He yelled.

My fingers tightened their grip around the mobile, as I opened the passenger door and fled. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me until I finally found a quiet place to stop.

As I caught my breath, I scanned through his inbox of deceit. There, clear as day, was all the evidence I needed.

My eyes welled with hot tears. How could he do this to me?

I realised then that we were over.

‘Get out and don’t come back,’ I told him when we finally returned home after the drama. Unable to make any excuses for his behaviour, he sheepishly walked out of our cottage, where we were supposed to be starting a new life together.

I changed the locks and my family and friends rallied around me.

When he returned a few days later to collect his belongings he couldn’t resist one last dig.

‘I am not in love with you,’ he snapped. ‘I was never going to marry you.’

I tried not to bite back, but then the final twist of the knife came.


‘I love her more than you,’ he added.

I couldn’t believe he would sink this low – as if I wasn’t hurting enough.

I’d given up everything for him – my business, my beloved horses. How could he?

Victoria sold her story to Thats Life!
Victoria sold her story to Thats Life!

I was done with my naughty neigh-bour, for good. Finally, my ‘mare is over.

Thor says: “I have my reasons for parting with her. I understand that it’s perhaps an unusual situation but I think the worst possible situation is to publish it. What you’re doing is bringing up a lot of bad feeling.”

Victoria was devastated when she caught her naughty neigh-bour cheating, so she came to Sell My Story to get her revenge. The team here helped her sell her story to That’s Life! negotiating the best price for Victoria and reaching a wide readership. If you’ve been cheated on and you want to speak out, contact us via the form on the right and we’ll call you to explain what happens next.