Endellion Wright


I knew I was on dangerous ground when I fell for Kirk. But after giving up everything for him, he committed the ultimate betrayal… 
By Endellion Wright, 39

I was working as a prison officer when I met Kirk.

Jailed for three years for armed robbery, I was wary of him at first.

Prisoners try to ‘condition’ you, but slowly I came to realise that Kirk was different.

I began to look forward to my night shifts working on his wing.

After roll call and lights out at 11pm I’d count the minutes until Kirk would pad down from his cell at midnight to talk to me.

We’d talk into the early hours and somehow, despite the patrol guards, we were never seen.

Any kind of relationship with an inmate was strictly forbidden but despite myself, I found myself falling for him.

So one night, when I knew the prison guards were on a different patrol I ushered Kirk into my office and kissed him. It was the start of our illicit love.

We didn’t kiss again until Kirk was moved to an open prison and I met him while he was on day release.

It was a huge risk, I’d have been fired instantly if we’d been caught together.

So after our third meeting and I knew that Kirk felt the same way I gave up everything for him and resigned from my job.

When we married in a small ceremony in 2004, a year after Kirk’s release, I knew it was worth it.

I didn’t think I could get any happier until a few months later, when I discovered I was pregnant.

Kirk and I were besotted with our baby girl, Chloe.

But when she was just six weeks old, I had a feeling all wasn’t well.

At first, when Kirk started silly arguments, I thought it was the pressure of parenthood taking its toll.

But when I checked his phone I made a shocking discovery…

“Is she gone? Can you talk? I love you,” read the messages.

I was fuming but when I confronted Kirk, he denied anything was going on and said the messages were a mistake.

I tried to put it to the back of my mind, but when my cousin told me she’d seen Kirk kissing a 16-year-old girl, Jess*, I felt a sickening knot tighten in my stomach.

I was devastated. I’d risked everything and sacrificed my livelihood for Kirk – and this is how he’d repaid me?

I felt so stupid. I confronted Jess, who tearfully apologised.

Yet still, Kirk denied everything.

After a blazing row I fled in tears to my parents’ house and eventually Kirk moved out.

He rarely saw Chloe and in 2006 he left the area for good.

In 2008, I divorced Kirk on the grounds of his adultery.

It was only after our divorce that Kirk finally admitted his affair with the 16-year-old.

He even confessed to sneaking out to see her while I was giving birth to our daughter. Sick.

Kirk saw Chloe last July for the first time in years but now, I’m moving on.

I recently emigrated to Australia for a fresh start but one thing’s for sure – I’ll never be a prisoner of love and give up my life for a man again.

Kirk says: “I admit the affair, I feel bad about the way it came out but I was messed up. I regret what happened, but at the end of the day we have both moved on. I’m just sorry for what I did.”

*Jess’s name has been changed