Lexi’s campaign against anorexia takes off

Lexi’s campaign against anorexia takes off

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Heather Findlay

Here at Sell My Story, we’re feeling pretty proud. We’ve just been seen our client Lexi Zelley give an incredible interview on TV show Lorraine, talking about her battle with anorexia.

Sell My Story has been working with Lexi for many months, raising awareness of the dangers of anorexia and extreme dieting.

Bride-to-be Lexi wanted to slim down 15st for her wedding day. But her diet spiralled out of control – and she dropped to six stone. Just six months before her wedding, Lexi’s size 14 wedding dress swamped her tiny frame and her family urged her to put on weight. The strain of her eating disorder ended her marriage six months after the big day. The split inspired the 29-year-old to begin her recovery.

We secured a high fee for Lexi’s first TV appearance, but we’ve also placed her story in several other outlets. Here’s some of her recent coverage…

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