Scare bears! Kids love my twisted teddy creations

Scare bears! Kids love my twisted teddy creations

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Terri's terrifying scare bear designs.
Terri's terrifying scare bear designs.
As a makeup artist I’ve always had an obsession with horror movies. Then I had an idea… why not zombify my kids’ teddies?
By Terri Newrick, 29, from Arundel in West Sussex

Growing up, I was always into horror and sci-fi movies.

I loved anything gory – especially zombie films, and that’s why I trained to be a special effects make-up artist four years ago.

I learnt how to design amazing fake injuries and scary disfigurements, and started doing special effects for photo shoots and charity zombie walks.

My kids – Brian, six, Megan, three, and Ezmay, one, love my work and often beg me to paint their faces, as well as their friends.

I often practice different designs on my own face too.

The kids aren’t at all scared of my gruesome work – in fact they think it’s hilarious to come home from school or nursery to find mummy done up like a scary clown or a blood soaked zombie.

One afternoon, I was playing with the kids when I spotted one of Brian’s old teddy bears lying around.

‘Shall we see what a zombie bear would look like?’ I asked.

‘Yes!’ came the resounding reply.

I disappeared into my craft room to design my bear, and before long I had my first masterpiece.

I used acrylic paint as fake blood and I slashed the bear down it’s middle to create a fake wound with exposed ribs.

Brian was horrified at first, and asked what I’d done to his poor old bear, but he soon saw the funny side.

Megan, to my surprise, absolutely loved the bear and begged to play with it, while Ezmay wasn’t scared at all.

Soon, I started buying old teddy bears and dolls from charity shops and turned the cute cuddlies into creepy designs.

When I posted pictures of them on Facebook, I was invited to bring them to a horror convention – and to my surprise, I sold loads of them for £30 a pop!

I’ve sold 15 of my creations online so far and sci-fi collectors really seem to like them.

Not everyone feels the same though.

Some parents think it’s weird and ask me to hide the bears away from their children if they come over to play.

And others have asked how I could do that to such cute teddy bears – but it’s only a stuffed toy!

Even my partner Simon, 31, admits the bears freak him out. But I love them!

The children do too and it’s taught them not to be scared of the stuff they see on television.

They may be dead scary, but I’m glad my terrifying teddies are such a hit!

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