Kayleigh Hayes

Kayleigh, 28, found her abusive ex, Daniel, 26,  at her door one night. When he accused her of sleeping with another man she knew he meant trouble…

By Helen O’Brien Google

I met Daniel through mutual friends five years ago.

Charming and handsome, I was smitten but I had my son from a previous relationship to think about and insisted we take things slowly.

Daniel and I saw each other three or four times a week and when I introduced him to my little boy, they got on brilliantly.

But six months into our relationship I saw a less cheery side to Daniel when he pushed me over in a drunken rage.

Kayleigh before attack by boyfriend
Kayleigh was attacked by Daniel

I should have walked away then but he was so apologetic, I gave him another chance.

Then, when I discovered I was pregnant, we were both ecstatic.

Everyone thought it’d be making of Daniel but when he assaulted me while I was pregnant, I realised his anger was still simmering just below the surface.

He was convicted of assault – and I ended the relationship.

But after our daughter, Freya, was born I saw a change in Daniel.

He doted on her and, even though we weren’t together, I hoped fatherhood would calm him – I was wrong.

When he punched me in the ribs in a particularly brutal attack, he was jailed for 20 weeks and I had a five-year restraining order placed on.

I breathed a sigh of relief. My nightmare was finally over. I thought…

One night, in March this year, as Freya slept upstairs, Daniel appeared at the front door.

He’d heard that I’d been out for the evening and demanded to know who with.

When he noticed I was wearing ripped jeans he became convinced that I’d ripped them in the throes of passion with a man.

Incensed, he followed me into the kitchen and pounced.

Grabbing fistfuls of my hair, he slammed my head into the kitchen units.

I felt like my scalp was on fire – but Daniel was as cold as ice.

Hair ripped out attack domestic abuse
Kayleigh with hair ripped out

His savage attack only ended when his phone rang and he casually strolled outside to take the call.

I saw my chance then and, terrified, I rang my mum for help.

I stood rooted to the spot, frozen in fear, and only began to breathe again when all fell quiet.

But when I heard an upstairs window being smashed I realised Daniel had found another way in.

He was coming back for me… I fled then, petrified.

But in that sickening moment I realised Freya was still inside, helpless.

Thankfully Mum, who lived close by, had arrived on the scene and rushed inside to get her. My baby was safe.

When the police arrived on the scene to arrest Daniel, officers stopped in shock when they saw my face.

I’d been frantic over Freya, I hadn’t even thought about my injuries, but when I looked in the mirror I was horrified.

Daniel had pulled out all the hair on half of my head, leaving a gaping, raw bald patch.

I clutched my scalp as I realised my locks were scattered all over the floor. The place looked like a hairdressers.

In May, Daniel was jailed for two years for ABH and breaching the restraining order.

Finally, justice was done – but my journey was only just beginning.

Too embarrassed to leave the house, I was forced to wear a wig and explain why my short blonde hair had transformed overnight into a long, brunette mane.

Finally, my hair is beginning to grow back but I’ll never forget the night that thug ripped out my locks – I’m just glad he’s under his own locks now, in jail, where he belongs.

Kayleigh was attacked by her ex boyfriend
Kayleigh recovering at home after Daniel was jailed for attacking her.

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