Is your kid a Superhero Survivor?

Is your kid a Superhero Survivor?

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All children are special, but some have to fight even harder for their little place in the world. We want to share stories about the bravest, toughest, most inspirational kids out there.

We’d love to tell your child’s story of survival in a top national women’s magazine. It’s a great way to give hope to other families going through a tough time themselves. Plus, there will be a payment of up to £1,000 for your time.

We’ll always make sure you get word for word approval over your family’s story – we know how important it is to get every last detail completely spot on. You’ll never be published without your written consent either. You remain in control at every step.

We’re always proud to tell stories like yours. For example, we recently worked with Heidi and Ed, sharing their inspirational photodiary in That’s Life. Their baby, Saxon, battled back to health after being born at 26 weeks, weighing  just 1lbs 12oz. You can take a look at their premature baby photodiary here.

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