Jackpot! I won my boyfriend on TV

Jackpot! I won my boyfriend on TV

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Scarlett and James Total Wipeout

Scarlett, 25, was over the moon when she was accepted for top TV show, Total Wipeout, and flew out out to Argentina for filming.  While battling her way through the assault courses, Scarlett met fellow contestant James, 29, and the pair hit it off immediately.

By Helen O’Brien Google

I was a student when I applied for the BBC show, Total Wipeout. It looked like so much fun and the chance of winning £10,000 was too much to resist!

So I was amazed when I received the call that I’d been accepted following my original interview.

I flew out to Argentina a week later, and at the airport I was introduced to the 19 other contestants.

A handsome, curly haired man immediately bounded up to me and shook my hand.

Story in Real People magazine
Scarlett’s story in Real People

He introduced himself as James, and I found myself feeling completely at ease as we got chatting.

During the show, as we jumped and slid across a series of assault courses in the South American sun, I felt things hotting up between us.

Every night, the contestants would hit the bar – and every night, James and I were the last left standing, talking until the early hours of the morning.

Funny and sweet, I could feel myself falling for my TV totty in a big way.

After six days of filming, I ranked at 12th place, while James made it all the way to the final and finished second!

On the last night, we shared our first kiss and promised to stay in touch when we got home.

Just hours after we landed in the UK, James sent me a text message to say how nice it was getting to know me, and within a few weeks, he came to visit.

Six months later, we said ‘I love you’ and five years on, in October 2013, we moved in together.

The former contestants have a get-together every year, and everyone knows us as the ‘Total Wipeout couple’.

We’re planning a future together and who knows, maybe we’ll have a Total Wipeout themed wedding!

I’m just so glad I went on the show.

I may have wiped out and finished a disappointing 12th, but I won something far more precious… James.

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