I squash men for a living

I squash men for a living

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When 40st Sam discovered her philandering boyfriend had fathered a secret love child with a slimmer woman, she was devastated.

But instead of getting mad, the mum-of-two got even. She shed 10st and once mobile, put her rolls to good use – by squashing men for thrills

Sam Matthews, 39, now flaunts her flab with pride and earns up to £3,000 a weekend in gratuities for her services from a string of men.

“Steven might have crushed my confidence, but I’ve shown him what he’s missing,” says Sam from Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Since he dumped me I’ve found out there are men who are crazy about my fuller figure – so much so they want to be smothered by my sagging skin.”

Sam has battled with her weight since childhood. Her parents were morbidly obese and she had ballooned to 15st by her mid teens.

“I’ve never been a small woman,” says Sam. “At school the kids sniggered when I had to turn sideways to fit on the school bus and I was ditched by my prom date because I was too fat to fit in the limo.

“Some of the crueler kids nicknamed me Thunder Butt. It was painful time, but I thought my luck had changed when I met Steve.”

The pair met at a barbecue in 2001when Sam weighed 23st. But after seven years together the relationship began to unravel.

“Steve had once adored my fuller figure but as my weight crept up he was repulsed,” recalls Sam.

“He wouldn’t go out in public with me and refused to have sex. Instead, he used my situation for personal gain and began controlling me.

“If I gained 5lbs I had to hand over $50, and if I lost 5lbs I could give him a kiss. The rejection made me turn further to food for comfort and without sex the weight piled on.”

By January 2007 Sam weighed a whopping 40st and was a 50DD. But her legs struggled to carry her vast weight around and she was left bedbound.

“It took all my strength just to stand upright – and the bigger I got the more Steve kept his distance,” she recalls.

Then Sam received a phone call that turned her world upside down. Steve had been cheating – and had fathered a secret love child with another woman.

She says: “The phone rang. It was a woman and she wanted to speak to Steve. I asked why and she introduced herself as the mother of his child.

“I nearly collapsed but then the penny dropped. Steve hadn’t been out with friends – he’d been carrying on behind my back.

“When I confronted him, he didn’t deny it. He actually seemed proud as he explained he’d been with his mistress for two years and had been by her side when she’d given birth.

“Then he said she was much slimmer than me. It was like a red rag to a bull and I told him to get out of my house for good.”

Scorned, Sam vowed to lose weight. She joined a slimming group and went on a special diet, only drinking high-protein shakes. Within 10 months she had lost 10st.

Sam says: “I was still 30st but at least it was an improvement. I could walk again and gradually got my independence back.”

Feeling more confident Sam joined an online dating site and got chatting to a man called Martin. They exchanged dozens of emails before he asked her on a date.

She recalls: “Martin showered me with compliments. He told me I was beautiful and taught me to accept myself.

“He gave my self-esteem such a boost that it empowered me to turn up the heat in the bedroom.”

A slimmer Sam discovered she was able to try new sexual positions. But as she attempted to turn around one evening a manoeuvre went wrong.

“My foot got caught in the sheets, I stumbled and my entire weight came crashing down on Martin’s chest,” explains Sam.

“I panicked, fearing I’d crushed his ribs like an elephant sitting on a matchstick.

“But then I heard a muffled panting. Steve was OK – and better still, he told me I felt amazing and asked me to lie back down over him. He wanted to feel all my weight on him again.”

Thrilled by her sexual experience Sam went online and discovered a website where other large women offered their services to sit on men.

“Men were going gaga over women even fatter than me – and they were earning a small fortune too.

“I decided to find out more and e-mailed one squasher asking if she had to have sex with her clients.

“She said no, but they paid her £400 an hour just to sit on them. I didn’t want to accept fees for my services though. I wasn’t a prostitute. I wanted to perform purely for the pleasure factor.”

Sam ran the idea past Martin and he thought it was brilliant. So together they set up a website advertising her skills.

“I was a bundle of nerves during my first professional experience as I straddled my client in the armchair he was sitting in.

“For an hour, I treated him like a settee and even sat on his back as if he was a little horse.”

Now Sam has a string of about 25 men whom she regularly squashes.

She says: “Some sessions last for minutes while others go on as long as football matches.

“I still won’t accept cash but lots of men buy me expensive gifts, like perfume and jewellery.

“Now, my confidence is at an all-time high. Men tell me I’m gorgeous even when I treat them like a piece of furniture.

“That was two years ago and I’ve never looked back. In fact, I’m working flat out.”


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