Sarah before and after weight loss
Sarah before and after weight loss
I’d bulged to a size 24, but posing next to a fancy dress Womble brought home just how much I’d let myself go. Now, I’ve lost 11st and my Womble waddle is gone.
By Sarah Ongley, 29, from Croydon

I’ve always had a problem with my weight, but as an adult I had no self control.

I’d indulge in crisps and chocolate as part of my daily diet, and sometimes I’d even scoff a whole chocolate fudge cake in one sitting.

I soon reached 20 stone and my size 24 frame left me feeling self conscious and awkward.

I was sure that other people were judging me too.

When my boyfriend’s best friend got married I was only invited to the evening reception.

I was convinced that the happy couple didn’t want me ruining their day with my fat figure, taking up two chairs.

Then, when I saw a photo of myself at the wedding party I was horrified.

I looked huge. It was impacting on every area of my life.

Even at the football on a Saturday I was too scared to sit down in case I broke a seat in the terraces. It was shameful.

Then, seven years ago, I posed for a cheeky picture with the AFC Wimbledon mascot.

They’re my team so I jumped at the chance. But seeing that photo really brought home my size.

I was stood next to a short fat Womble… making him look good in comparison. I was wider than a Womble!

Enough was enough. I needed to show my unhealthy lifestyle a red card.

So I signed up to Slimming World and kicked the junk food into touch, swapping my favourite crisps for fruit.

In the first week I lost nine and a half pounds, which gave me the boost to keep going.

My weight loss was slow and steady, but since Christmas I’ve been maintaining my weight at a slender 8st 10lbs.

I’m over 11 stone lighter!

I love shopping for sexy size 8 outfits, and I recently went abroad with my boyfriend for the first time with no fear about baring my flesh.

It was so liberating to lounge by the pool in a skimpy tankini.

Now I’m a regular at the footie and when I see that wobbly Womble it’s a stark reminder of where I’ve come from… and I’m never going back there again.

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