I gave birth to THIS 1st 3lbs monster baby!

I gave birth to THIS 1st 3lbs monster baby!

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Enya after losing her hair
Enya after losing her hair
When my stomach swelled, I put it down to weight gain. But when I looked almost nine months pregnant, I was shocked to discover my ‘baby bump’ was a 1 STONE cyst…
By Enya Benyon, 19, from New Zealand

Breathing in deep, I quickly fastened the button on my jeans.

But as soon as I relaxed again, the waistband cut painfully into my tummy.

It felt like all my organs were being crushed.

‘I don’t know what I’m doing wrong,’ I moaned to my mum Shannon, 42.

We walked our dog every day and I went swimming a couple of times a week.

Instead of losing weight though, my tummy was getting bigger – I could barely squeeze into my size-16 clothes.

Over the next few months, it started to look like I had a beer belly.

But at only 16, I didn’t drink!

‘This can’t be normal,’ I said to my doctor.

‘You just need to eat healthily and exercise more,’ she said.

But I was already eating less than ever as I seemed to get full quicker.

Still my belly ballooned and was covered in giant stretch marks.

I look pregnant, I thought, horrified.

Enya looking pregnant
Enya looking pregnant

Although it was impossible, there was no denying I looked like I was carrying a baby.

‘I think I’m going to have to buy some maternity jeans,’ I told Mum.

Soon I was a size 24 and my doctor continued to put it down to weight gain, but I knew there was more to it.

Then one night, when I turned from side to side, I felt something really strange.

‘I can feel something sloshing about!’ I told Mum and my dad Eamonn, 47. ‘I can’t live like this anymore,’ I said.

It was like there was an alien inside me!

A year after my tummy had started to swell, I went to a different doctor and demanded an ultrasound.

Afterwards, I was referred to a gynaecologist for the results.

‘You have a giant ovarian cyst,’ she said, showing me a picture on the screen. ‘It’s at least 30cm wide.’

‘It’s huge!’ I gasped.

he explained it was full of fluid and probably not cancerous. The reason I hadn’t been as hungry was because it had been pressing on my stomach.

‘I’m going to book you in for surgery,’ she said.

They’d have to cut right down my middle, but I didn’t mind at all.

I was so happy there was an explanation for my ‘baby’ bump.

‘I’m going to give birth to an alien!’ I joked back home.

Finally, on November 24, 2014, I was admitted to hospital for the op.

‘Please make sure you take photos for me,’ I asked the nurses beforehand.

The giant cyst
The giant cyst

I wanted to see what had been invading my womb all this time!

When I came round, it was the first thing I asked about.

Mum and Dad gathered around and we all gasped at the pictures.

The cyst weighed 1 stone 3lbs – about the same as a one-year-old child!

‘That’s insane! I can’t believe that was inside me,’ I laughed.

Looking down, my stomach was now flat.

Back home, I tried on my whole wardrobe.

With each dress and pair of jeans that felt loose, my confidence soared.

A few weeks later, Mum came with me to the gynaecologist for a follow up.

‘You have a very special type of cancer,’ she told me.

Mum reached over and grabbed my leg as we both sat very still.

This wasn’t supposed to happen, I thought.

My life was meant to go back to normal now.

Operating to remove the cyst
Operating to remove the cyst

‘I’m afraid the fluid inside the cyst was cancerous,’ the gynaecologist went on.

It hadn’t leaked, so they were fairly certain the cancer hadn’t spread.

But because it was so rare, she said I should consider chemotherapy.

I thought about it for a few days before coming to my decision.

‘I want to make sure it’s gone once and for all,’ I said.

So in January last year, I began nine weeks of treatment.

It made me so sick and I lost all my hair.

‘I look like a massive baby,’ I said, distraught.

But at each appointment I remained clear of cancer.

After everything I had been through, I was nominated for a surprise through the Make-A-Wish Foundation NZ.

I decided to get my beloved car pimped out. People from all over the community rallied together to redesign it.

Enya now
Enya now

For the unveiling, I wore a fitted ’50s-style dress, belted at the middle, with no sign of the giant bump that had been there.

Looking back, I still can’t quite believe what happened. I’m so grateful to have my body back.

Enya was utterly flabbergasted when she gave birth a giant one stone cyst and decided to share her incredible story with readers across the world. We spoke to Enya from her home in New Zealand to help her sell her story to Chat magazine. If you have an extreme health story you’d like to tell, fill in the form here and we’ll call you to discuss it.