Cassie's before and after Slimming World photos
Cassie lost seven stone by following the Slimming World plan


I started craving chocolate muffins during my second pregnancy – and never stopped! But after losing over 7 stone I’ve waved goodbye to my muffin top for good.
By Cassie Shields, 28, from Liverpool

Grabbing a pack of gooey chocolate muffins from the bakery counter, I popped them in my basket. But I didn’t stop at one pack, I bought several.

During my second pregnancy with my son Lucas, I craved chocolate muffins so badly it was all I thought about from the minute I woke up until I went to bed. I loved them so much I ate two or three a day.

But my chocolate muffin habit carried on long after Lucas was born, and alongside my daily diet of fried breakfasts, chocolate, crisps and a chip-shop dinner, it meant that I soon weighed in at a massive 17st 7lbs.

I barely left the house, preferring to slob out in my size 22 pyjamas rather than try to find something to wear.

Fat and miserable, I spiralled into depression until I was eventually prescribed anti-depressants.

Then one night, I put Lucas to bed and he playfully poked my bulging belly.

‘Why are you so fat mummy?’ he asked innocently, and my jaw dropped. That night, I vowed to change.

Cassie's weight loss story in Chat magazine
Cassie sold her weight loss story to Chat magazine

I gave up the chocolate muffins in a bid to banish my muffin top and swapped my fry-ups for healthy cereals, after signing up for the Slimming World diet plan.

I even bought an exercise bike so I could work out at home. Within two years, I lost a staggering 7st 2lbs and and now I’m a slinky size 10.

At 10st 5lbs I’ve never felt better and Lucas often tells me how much I’ve shrunk!

I still love chocolate muffins, but I’ll only indulge in one now and again, as a treat.

Ditching muffins has rid me of my muffin top – and it’s the best thing I ever did!

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