What a bargain! I bought my fiance on Facebook

What a bargain! I bought my fiance on Facebook

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Beckie with fiance Richard.

Beckie Bennett, 43, went looking for a bargain on Facebook, not a bloke! But when she got a cheeky message from a sexy stranger she picked herself up a real deal… 

By Helen O’Brien Google

We all know what it’s like to log onto the computer, and the next thing you know you’ve wasted hours just browsing online.

My number one guilty pleasure is Facebook.

I love catching up on gossip, and browsing for bargains in my local buying and selling group.

But one night last May, little did I know that there was love hiding just a click away.

I’d snuggled up in bed with the laptop and a cup of tea.

Beckie's story in Woman magazine
Beckie sold her story to Woman magazine and Chat magazine

It was only 6.45pm, but I fancied a bit of peace and quiet away from the kids.

With three children – Ashley, 23, Daniel 15, and Phoebe, seven – a bit of me-time was a rarity.

There was a bit of respite in sight though, as Ashley was planning to move out.

That evening I logged onto Facebook and clicked over to the local “Buy and sell in Leamington Spa” page to see if I could bag him some bargains for his new place.

I scrolled through listings of battered old sofas, grubby baby clothes, and unwanted gifts.

Then a post caught my eye. There was a photo of a rather handsome ginger chap, with the description “Man for sale, free to a good home”.

Richard Yardley was offering himself up as a bargain.

I decided to post a cheeky reply, just for fun. The first rule of Facebook shopping is to make sure what you’re buying is up to scratch.

“Do you wash, clean the house and drive?” I typed.

Within seconds Richard had replied. “All of the above,” he confirmed.

Beckie Bennett and Richard Yardley, pictured with Beckie's three children
Beckie and Richard with her children

Then suddenly the post was mysteriously deleted.

I wondered whether I’d offended Richard. I thought we were only joking around.

But then my Facebook inbox pinged with a message.

“How’s this for spontaneity? Let’s meet for a drink,” Richard had written.

That showed he had a bit of a spark.

I was already wearing my pyjamas though, so I didn’t really fancy a date with a stranger right there and then.

He twisted my arm, and I agreed we’d meet up the next night at our local pub.

After reassuring the kids that I’d be safe, I slicked on some lipstick and set off for our meeting.

Nerves fluttered inside my stomach. It was so long since I’d been on a successful date.

It seemed like a moment of madness – did I really think I’d find my Prince Charming on a Facebook buy and sell site?

But the moment I spotted Richard waiting outside for me, I was smitten.

He wasn’t my usual type but I liked his cheeky smile.

That night was one of the best of my life.

Richard admitted that he had posted the advert after a couple of drinks. As we chatted the hours away I was so glad he had.

He told me he’s a farmer and gamekeeper, and I grew up on a farm. We had lots in common.

We clearly had a similar sense of humour too.

He escorted me home right to my door, like a true gentleman.

The next evening we went on our second date, and from that moment we’ve been inseparable.

With Richard I feel on top of the world as we have so much fun. It’s honestly like being a teenager again.

My children are just as enamoured with him too. He fits into our family perfectly.

A few days after our first date a girl commented on the buy and sell page, asking what had happened to the gorgeous man who had advertised himself.

I couldn’t resist replying.

“Sorry girls. You know the rules, I commented first so he’s mine,” I typed.

Richard proposed in September, in his trademark humorous style.

Diamond and sapphire engagement ring
Beckie’s engagement ring

He sent me outside to grab a box from his Jeep’s glove compartment.

I found a carrier bag, but when I took it inside Richard told me to take a closer look.

Then I found a little jewellery box, and inside was a stunning diamond and sapphire ring.

“Yes!” I yelled, before Richard could even ask the question.

We’ve set the date for August this year.

Bagging my future husband on Facebook was the bargain of a lifetime.

And one thing’s for sure – you won’t find him up for sale again.

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