Flab to fab! I lost 10st – to win back my man!

Flab to fab! I lost 10st – to win back my man!

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Vicci sold her story to Take a Break
Vicci sold her story to Take a Break


My weight was getting out of control – but what would it take for me to shift the pounds?
By Vicci Fish, 32, from Cardiff

I pulled on my pyjamas and slumped on the sofa. I was exhausted after a long day at my desk, at the traffic control centre where I regularly worked 12 hour shifts.

In addition to this, I had a toddler running around – Noah, now three, who certainly kept me busy. Plus I also had Antony – my 14-year-old foster son, to take care of.

But there was a much bigger reason why I was so tired all the time – I weighed a colossal 24st 8lbs. I was a size 24 and my hulking frame meant I was always fatigued and miserable.

‘Vicci, let’s go to the pub for a drink, it’s been ages,’ my boyfriend Chris, 34, nagged, but I always shook my head.

Chris and Vicci
Chris and Vicci

‘No thanks, I just want to stay in and watch TV tonight – you go ahead,’ I replied with a smile.


But as soon as he left I burst into tears. The real reason I couldn’t bear to leave the house was because I was so big, I didn’t have any clothes to wear.

Every time I went out, I was paranoid that people were staring at me, thinking I was fat, so it seemed easier to stay in with a bar of chocolate.

As a result, Chris and I were growing apart. We had been together for almost a decade but while he was confident and outgoing, I became more and more shy and retiring.

He was at the gym six times a week, while I just grew bigger. Whenever I climbed the stairs, I quickly became out of breath.

I could only walk short distances and I had even started to use a stool so I could sit down while I did the dishes.

‘Come to the gym with me, it’ll be fun,’ Chris coaxed, but I always shrugged him off. And instead of being grateful for his encouragement for me to be healthier, I started to resent him for it.

Growing up, I had always been big but my weight got out of control after I had Noah, An emergency Caesarean meant my mobility was restricted and I comfort ate as I struggled to recover from the op and cope with a new baby.


I’d easily scoff an entire packet of biscuits in one sitting and would gorge on Chinese or Indian takeaways at least three times a week.

When I went back to work after my maternity leave I’d regularly pick up a McDonalds breakfast to start my day and follow it with a Greggs pasty and calorific cake at lunch.

It was no surprise that I soon tipped the scales at my heaviest ever weight, and as I swamped my figure in drab, baggy outfits, my confidence hit rock-bottom – and that’s when the green-eyed monster reared its ugly head.

Vicci before her weight loss
Vicci before her weight loss

Soon, my mind ran away with me. One night, as Chris was getting ready to go out, I snapped.

‘Are you seeing someone else?’ I asked accusingly.

He looked at me like I was mad. ‘No!’ he snapped back. ‘You need to relax, perhaps if you came out with me once in a while you would see that there’s nothing to worry about.’

It was irrational but I couldn’t shake the feeling that Chris was looking for someone else as I slobbed out at home with a takeaway.

I’d always apologise, but deep down I knew I didn’t trust him as much as I used to. I couldn’t believe he wouldn’t look elsewhere when he only had me to come home to…

One day, in October 2013, Chris came home and gave me a weary look.

‘Vicci, we need to talk,’ he said slowly. ‘This isn’t working – we’re arguing too much and you’re too paranoid that I’m cheating. I’m sick of being accused of having an affair when I’m not.’

I stared at Chris – the love of my life – as he packed his stuff and left me to move back in with his mother. I was heartbroken – my paranoia had finally pushed him away.

From then, we only saw each other when he came to pick up Noah. It was tough, but the break-up made me determined to change. I’d already joined Slimming World and lost three stone before Chris left, but I was still hugely insecure.

I needed to get my confidence – and Chris – back.

With a new motivation I tackled my diet with a new vigour. I swapped the McDonald’s breakfasts for eggs and tomatoes, chocolate bars for fruit and yogurts, and the takeaways for healthy home-cooked meals. To my delight, the weight began to fall away.

As my body shrank, my confidence grew and instead of hiding away, I began to accept invitations to go out with friends.

Vicci after
Vicci after

My new figure and glamorous wardrobe attracted lots of compliments – but there was only one person I wanted to notice, and that was Chris.

So when he came around to pick up Noah, I did my best to chat to him. I wanted to show him that I was no longer the clingy, paranoid person I used to be. I had changed – both inside and out.

‘You look amazing,’ he told me, as my heart skipped a beat.

Slowly, we started talking about where it all went wrong, and in October 2014, a year after our split, Chris admitted that he still loved me and wanted to give our relationship another try.

I was thrilled. I’d lost 7st 7lbs by then and was finally happy in my own skin. Chris moved back in and now, we’re stronger than ever. I’ve lost a total of 10 stone so far and now weigh a much healthier 14st 7lbs.


Splitting with Chris was heartbreaking but it’s what I needed to change. I’m so glad I lost the weight to win back my man!

Vicci and Chris now
Vicci and Chris now

Chris says: ‘Life with Vicci had become hard work because she was overweight and never wanted to go out anywhere. She didn’t have any confidence and was really paranoid about who I was with. I ended up moving out into my old bedroom – complete with Spiderman bedding – at my mum’s.

It wasn’t great and I missed the family unit. But when Vicci started losing more and more weight she changed. Not only did she look incredible but she had more of a life. She was going out and had a lot more confidence.

I found myself getting jealous that she might meet someone else, and I really missed her, so we got back together. These days, she looks so good it’s me who gets paranoid! I’m really proud of her.’

Vicci was so proud when she lost 10 stone to win back her man that she decided to share her story with the readers of Take a Break magazine. If you’d had some slimming success recently and would like to sell your story, contact us via the form on the right and we’ll give you a call to explain the process.