Five orgasms a night – with OAP hubby

Five orgasms a night – with OAP hubby

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Lisa and Cris
Lisa and Cris
When I saw sexy, silver-haired Cris, I knew I had to have him, despite the 33-year age gap…
By Lisa Hatherly, 30, from Tingewick, Buckinghamshire

I’d arrived hand-in-hand with my then-boyfriend Phil at the pub one night in June, 2006.


A few bikers had gathered at the entrance but it was one sexy silver fox leaning against his cute motorcycle that particularly caught my eye.

‘I’m Cris,’ he said holding out his hand. He was vice president of the club.

I thought nothing more of it and followed Phil to the bar. But it was Cris that I ended up talking to all night.

‘I used to live in California,’ he told me

‘I’m just back from Pennsylvania,’ I said excitedly and we began to swap stories of our adventures in the USA.

Cris and Lisa
Cris and Lisa

I can’t deny that my heartbeat accelerated when he told me about his racing days. But I was with someone and although Cris had perked my interest, I left the pub with Phil.

As vice president, Cris was often at local meet-ups though – and we always ended up gravitating towards one another.


Cris, now 63, may have been 33 years older than me, but he was smoking hot and there was something about the assured way he carried himself that I loved.

Then one night, as we sat warming ourselves beside a bonfire while on a camping trip, I couldn’t resist temptation any longer.

I leant in for a cuddle then turned my face towards his. To my relief, our lips met and we kissed each other passionately.

But my thirst for him was intense. The sexual tension had been simmering for weeks and now I wanted more.

I took Cris’ hand and led him to his tent. Inside, he tore my clothes off and we had steamy sex.

He’d obviously been round the block a few times – I felt certain he’d have a moves to teach me and I was not disappointed.

That was when I realised we were a match made in heaven. I finished with Phil the following day and drove over to Cris’ house.


‘It’s you I want,’ I told him, with a smile.

Cris on his motorbike
Cris on his motorbike

He immediately led me to the bedroom where I screamed his house down with delight.

After our sexy session, my eyelids grew heavy and sleep beckoned. But then I felt a hand on my thigh. Again?

He may have been approaching pension age, but Cris’ appetite for sex was insatiable.

After that, our sex life hit full throttle and we enjoyed steamy romps up to five times a day.

Despite his advanced years, my sexy biker was always geared up in the bedroom. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

I was having so many orgasms that I thought there was something wrong with me!


We were lying in bed one day when Cris turned around to look at me.

‘I’m so glad you made a move on me,’ he said.

‘What?’ I asked. ‘You should have made the move on me!’

Cris chuckled. ‘I didn’t do anything because I didn’t think I stood a hope in hell.’ I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

‘You’re gorgeous,’ he said.

‘And so are you,’ I replied.

‘But there is something you need to know,’ he went on. ‘I’m not sure I can have kids. There was an accident on my bike years ago. It did some damage. I’m not sure…’


I could see it upset Cris, so I didn’t push him. But it didn’t put me off. ‘I want to be with you no matter what,’ I assured him gently.

He took me in his arms and had his way with me again. It felt so good to be desired.

Cris certainly wasn’t ready for his pipe and slippers just yet – if anything, he was too wild to handle.

Thats why it never bothered us when people would ask if he was my dad. I’d laugh it off – if only they knew.

But not everyone was happy for us. A few of our biker mates disapproved of how we’d got together and pushed us out of the club.

We were getting a lot of hassle so decided to take a trip down to Cornwall to enjoy the tranquility… as well as each other.

We were walking along the beach on Father’s Day when my mobile rang.

It was my dad Alexander, 52.


‘You’ve let everyone down,’ he said. ‘I’m disowning you.’

I felt sick. I was a self-confessed daddy’s girl and the thought of not having him in my life left me shocked to the core.

‘Please don’t do this Dad,’ I begged. ‘I need you. You just need to give Cris a chance.’

But there was no reasoning with him. As long as I was with Cris, he wanted me out of his life.

I was inconsolable.

‘He’ll come around,’ Cris assured me. ‘He just needs time to adjust to this.’

Months passed and Cris and I fell deeper in love. Our sex life never waned and I continued to have every craving fulfilled in the bedroom.

However a shock was in store.

Child on bike
Child on bike

In January 2009 I missed my period. It can’t be…


A pregnancy test confirmed it.

‘I’m having your baby!’ I told Cris, running through from the bathroom with the positive test in my hand.

He swung me in his arms. ‘I can’t believe it. I never thought it! I’m going to be a dad after all!’

Jamie-Lee was born in September, 2009 and I fell pregnant with our son Harley in September 2010.

When I was five months pregnant Cris took me out for a lovely meal at a local restaurant on Valentine’s Day in 2011.

He’s a wonderful man but romance doesn’t come naturally to him – so that’s why I couldn’t quite believe it when he popped the big question!

‘Will you marry me?’ He asked, bringing a small black box out of his pocket.


There was nothing to consider. ‘Yes!’ I replied, as he placed the beautiful band on my ring finger.  

We had a biker-themed wedding in October of that year. There’s was no way I was letting my silver fox get away!

Lisa and Cris wedding
Lisa and Cris wedding

But there was no denying that having two small kids had taken its toll on our sex life. My man was no

longer ready for fun five times a night. And as a mother – neither was I!

Then, we were having a few drinks one night while the kids were away when Cris started to get frisky on the couch.

‘Why don’t we take this elsewhere?’ He said, with a glint in his eye. What was he getting at?

He took my hand and lead me out of the front door.

Giggling, we found ourselves down a nearby country lane. ‘Let’s climb into that field,’ he said.

He grabbed my hips and helped me over the fence. We bonked the night away under the stars amongst the haystacks.

‘We need to do that more often!’ I said.

Since then we’ve kept things racy by having sex sessions in the wild outdoors or in the back of the car or on his bike. We’ve even done it by a fire pit. We get up to all sorts when we have time alone!

My sexy senior lover shows no signs of getting boring in the bedroom even though he’s fast approaching retirement age.

However other people definitely notice his age when we’re out with the kids.

People will often remark how nice it is to see the children out with their grandad. They never pause to think he might be their dad or my husband.

We never let it bother us though. I’ve even rebuilt my relationship my with my dad, who now understands that Cris makes me happy.

Lisa and Cris with their kids
Lisa and Cris with their kids

My main concern is that he won’t live to see the kids grow up. He already can’t run about after Jamie-Lee and Harley like I can and I’m aware that I’ll have to take on the bulk of the work at some point.

My worst nightmare is being a carer to Cris as well as a full time mum.

Obviously I also worry that as Cris gets older his performance in the bedroom will be affected as his hips seize up – but for now I have no complaints.

He might have a free bus pass, but Cris is the only man who has ever given me multiple orgasms – I’ll take experience over age every time!

Lisa wanted to talk about her age-gap relationship in the press to show how happy she is with her OAP hubby. We helped her share her story with the readers of That’s Life! and The Sun, reaching a huge audience. If you have an interesting relationship story you’d like to share, fill in the form on the right and we’ll contact you to discuss the process.