Family affairs! My twin sister was pregnant – by MY fiance

Family affairs! My twin sister was pregnant – by MY fiance

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Rhea and twin sister Sasha
Rhea and twin sister Sasha
I was pleased my twin sister and fiance were so close. Then I spotted something on my iPad that made me see red…
 By Rhea Still, 21, from Waltham Abbey, Essex


I rolled my eyes as the guy made a beeline for me and my twin sister, Sasha. ‘Here we go,’ I whispered, as the man drew closer.

‘Alright ladies? How about you give me your phone numbers?’ the cocky stranger asked, grinning.

I cringed with embarrassment but when I turned to Sasha, I watched her dig her mobile out of her handbag and pass her number to the guy, who’d introduced himself as Chris.

‘He’s harmless, it’s just a bit of fun,’ Sasha giggled, as we linked arms and walked on to the local fair we were visiting.

Sasha and Chris exchanged a few messages but she soon lost interest. Born one minute before me, she’d always been the more outgoing, flighty twin.

Despite our differences, we were never far apart. In fact, we were two peas in a pod. ‘Why don’t you get in touch with him though?’ she suggested.

Rhea and Sasha
Rhea and Sasha

Chris and I swapped a few messages and soon he began flirting with me too. A year later, in June 2011, we became an official couple.

Our relationship moved quickly from there. ‘I’m pregnant,’ I announced just two months later. Chris and I hadn’t been planning on a baby so soon, but when I watched his face break into that cheeky grin of his, I knew we’d be just fine.

‘That’s great news,’ Chris replied, wrapping me up in a huge hug. ‘I can’t wait to be a dad.’

I was ecstatic and just a couple of months later, Sasha had some news of her own. ‘I’m expecting too,’ she smiled. ‘Looks like our babies are going to be almost as close as we are!’

A few months later, Sasha split from the father of her unborn baby, and Chris and I agreed she could move in with us.

‘Are you sure you’re going to be able to cope with two hormonal pregnant women at home?’ I laughed as we unpacked our things in the four-bedroom house we’d got together.

‘I’m sure I’ll cope,’ Chris replied, lugging the next case up the stairs.

Truth was, we all got on brilliantly. It was great having Sasha so close at such a special time in our lives, sharing all the cramps and cravings.

Then when our little boy, Alfie, was born in April 2012, he lit up our world. Chris was a doting dad. ‘He’s gorgeous,’ he cooed, as we admired Alfie’s perfect little features.

Rhea and Chris
Rhea and Chris

‘It’ll be you soon,’ he smiled, looking up at Sasha,

Just two months later, in June, Sasha gave birth to another little boy, Ronnie. ‘Alfie’s got a little playmate now,’ I said, cradling Sasha’s little one.


With the three of us and two newborn babies, the place was chaotic but there was nowhere else I’d have rather been.

‘You know I’ll be a dad to your son too, Sasha,’ Chris turned to my sister one day. I could tell it meant a lot to her, Ronnie’s dad wasn’t around, but his words stung somehow.

Chris was my son’s dad, and my fiance. I told myself he was just trying to be nice and let it slide, but Sasha and Chris seemed to be getting really close.

The pair of them loved to party and enjoyed nights out, while I was more of a home bird. ‘Are you sure you don’t mind babysitting again?’ Sasha said, as they grabbed their coats while I was left holding the babies.

‘No, it’s fine. I’m happier here. Have a good night,’ I smiled as I waved them off. After splitting with Ronnie’s dad, Sasha had gone through a tough time, so I didn’t begrudge her a night out.


And if Chris was with her, at least I knew they could look after each other.

Then after one particularly heavy weekend in September 2012, we were all sitting in the living room while Sasha and Chris furiously tapped out texts on their iPhones.

I was just browsing through Facebook when a message from Chris popped up on our iPad. My stomach lurched as I realised his sexy text wasn’t for me… it was for Sasha, my twin sister.

His phone was synched to the tablet, and I felt sick as I watched their conversation unfold live.

Rhea sold her story to Take a Break
Rhea sold her story to Take a Break

Now I’ve had your sexy body, it’s like a drug to me, he typed. I looked on in horror as Sasha, sitting just inches away from me, typed back. I feel bad for Rhea and Alfie, she replied.

But not bad enough! How could they? I couldn’t bear to watch the sickening betrayal play out in front of me.

My head was spinning as I ran out of the room and dialled my mum’s number. ‘Can you come and pick me up?’ I pleaded. ‘I need to get out.’


I couldn’t even look at them and didn’t say a word as I grabbed Alfie, and headed to my mum’s. I just couldn’t take it all in. It was like my whole world had caved in.

I’d been betrayed by the two people I loved most in the world. For two days, I holed myself up at Mum’s while I thought things through.

Are you coming back? Sasha sent me a text later that evening. But there was no way I could go back there, not yet.

I didn’t hear a word from Chris – he knew he’d been rumbled. A couple of days later I was feeling stronger, and I returned to the house.

The minute I walked through the door, Chris ran past me. Coward. I confronted Sasha and said: ‘I’ve seen all the messages, Sasha. I know you’ve been cheating with Chris.’

Her face went white as a sheet as the excuses came tumbling out. ‘It was all Chris, he came onto me. He started texting me. It was just the one night, I’m sorry,’ she blurted.

I was devastated – I knew it takes two to tango – but Sasha was my sister, my twin, and I couldn’t bear to see her and my baby nephew out on the street.

Rhea and Sasha
Rhea and Sasha

I picked up my phone and tapped out a text to Chris. I know everything, I told him. Just tell me the truth. Why did you do it?

I felt the bile rise in my throat as his reply flashed back. After Alfie was born you neglected me, you weren’t showing me love. It just happened, he snivelled.

It was pathetic. I knew then it was over. I kicked Chris out and he went to live with his nan. He still visited to see Alfie and I remained civil for his sake, but I was crushed.

I was still reeling from the betrayal when, a month later, Sasha dropped another bombshell.

‘I don’t want to tell you this, but I’ve missed my period,’ she told me. ‘I think I’m pregnant… and Chris is the father,’

It was almost too much to bear. I was furious but I felt sorry for Sasha too. ‘We need to know for sure,’ I told her. ‘You have to take a test.’


Together, we went to the shops to pick up a home pregnancy test and I felt a nervous knot tighten in my stomach as I watched her go upstairs to the bathroom.

The look on her face as she came out three minutes later, said it all. ‘It’s positive,’ she whispered. ‘I’m pregnant.’

I just couldn’t believe it. My twin sister was pregnant by my fiance.

I picked up the phone and punched in Chris’ number. ‘You’ve got my sister pregnant!’ I spat, as Sasha sat next to me. There was silence at the end of the line and then the dialling tone, as Chris hung up. Rat.

Two weeks later, Sasha and I were sitting in the living room when she clutched her belly in pain. ‘These cramps are awful, I feel like I’m going into labour,’ she winced.

‘Something’s not right, you need to dial 101,’ I told her.

Blood was gushing from her as an ambulance rushed her to hospital, where doctors confirmed she’d miscarried Chris’ baby.


She was kept in overnight, before coming home. ‘Maybe it’s for the best,’ she said, as I nodded and gave her a hug.

Meanwhile, Chris was begging me for forgiveness. He bought bouquets of flowers and even gave up drinking in a bid to prove his commitment to me and Alfie.

I made him work – the depth of his betrayal had cut me deep – but eventually, two months later, I relented and agreed to give him a second chance.

Sasha moved out and the pair deleted each other’s numbers and blocked one another from Facebook. ‘I’ll still come and visit you and Alfie,’ she said as she stuffed the last of her things into a bag. ‘But I can’t be around Chris.’

I understood. Although I was willing to work on my relationship with Chris for Alfie’s sake, I still didn’t trust him around Sasha.


It was tough to start with, but in time, we slotted back into family life. And three months ago, in July, we completed our family when I gave birth to a gorgeous daughter, Maisie.

When I discovered Chris and Sasha’s fling, I was crushed. I’m just glad Chris and I were able to work through it.

And as for Sasha, our twincredible bond could never be broken.

Chris says: “I was out one night. I had too much to drink. It was spontaneous. It just happened. We slept together. Afterwards we kept it quiet. I didn’t know how to explain what had happened to Rhea. I thought it might get forgotten about. A month later, Sasha told me she was late and she’d done a test and she was pregnant with my baby. Sasha told Rhea and I couldn’t deny it. I do feel bad about what happened but I worked hard to win Rhea back. I even gave up booze.”

Sasha says: “Chris was really flirty. We used to go shopping together and then one night we ended up in the pub. It was a drunken mistake. I felt terrible. She’s my sister, I shouldn’t have done it. I should have been loyal to her. It was awful telling Rhea I was pregnant, but then I lost the baby. It’s awkward with Chris now. I go round there but we don’t speak to each other.”

Rhea was devastated when she realised her fiance was cheating with her twin sister, of all people. Thankfully, the three of them were able to work through the betrayal but Rhea wanted to share her story with other women.  The team at Sell My Story helped her sell her story for the best price to Take a Break. If you have a betrayal story you want to talk about, fill in the form on the right and we’ll be in touch to discuss the process.