Fairytale of New York: My surprise wedding!

Fairytale of New York: My surprise wedding!

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Roxy in New York
Roxy in New York
I thought I’d scared Nick off when I told him I’d love to get married in New York. Instead, he was planning this…
By Roxy Rose, 33, from Witney

As I boarded the plane to New York I was buzzing with excitement. I couldn’t wait to get to the Big Apple, I needed the time away.

I loved my boyfriend Nick but after four years together we had become bogged down in wedding talk.

‘This is exhausting,’ I said one evening. Nick agreed. All this talk of nuptials was starting to take a toll on our otherwise perfect relationship.

So when I was offered a five week vocal training course in New York we both agreed it was the time apart we needed to figure out our future.

Arriving in New York, I was blown away by the city. It was beautiful and creative but most of all it was so romantic.

I missed Nick. Over three weeks, we’d barely spoken. We’d both been so busy and the time difference meant we rarely got a chance to phone.

So, snuggled up in bed one evening I typed him out a text.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to get married in New York  I wrote, before hitting send without thinking anything of it.  

Cupcakes in Grand Central station
Cupcakes in Grand Central station

But over the next few days my romantic message was greeted by silence. That’s when I started to panic.

We’d agreed to give each other space and not talk about weddings – had I scared my man off all together?

When I still hadn’t heard from Nick on the final week of my course, my heart sank. He’d obviously decided he didn’t want to be with me after all.

So when my phone rang and I saw Nick’s name flash up on the screen, I assumed he was calling to say it was over.

But what came next floored me.

‘We’re getting married’ he blurted out ‘I’m coming to New York- today!’



I was ecstatic when I met Nick at the airport before he whisked me to Central Park. As he led me to the main lake, he got down on one knee.

‘Will you marry me?’ he asked. It was perfect and Nick slipped a ring on my finger as I said yes. But there was more.

Roxys ring
Roxys ring

‘I’ve arranged it all,’ Nick said. ‘We’re getting married right here… in 48 hours’ time!’

I was speechless. When my text was met with radio silence I thought Nick had gone off the idea of marriage, but instead he was planning this!

Nick had thought of everything. My family and friends had sent cards and presents and my sister sent some beautiful shoes to walk me into married life.

A few of our close friends even flew across the pond to share our big day. But what was I going to wear?


‘Why don’t you try this one,’ my roommate Natalie passed me a beautiful evening gown. I felt like I was in a fairytale.

I was Cinderella and Nick was my Prince Charming. And Natalie revealed herself to be my Fairy Godmother when her dress was a perfect fit.

‘I love it! Thank you,’ I exclaimed, as I examined my reflection in the mirror.

When I walked in Central Park on August 9th 2016 and married the love of my life, it was the best surprise ever.

After the wedding
After the wedding

I wouldn’t have changed it for the world and now we’re planning a huge family anniversary party. I can’t believe I got my very own fairytale of New York.

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