Jay lost eight stone on Slimming World diet
Jay before and after weight loss with Slimming World
Tipping the scales at a huge 20 stone, I was mortified when a cruel pub punter called me Nelly the Elephant on a rare night out. Then I vowed to change…
Jay Morley, 30, Chorley in Lancashire

I started putting on weight when I was pregnant with my son Cody, 10, and after two more pregnancies, with Kaydn-Ray, six, and Sophie, three, I got even bigger.

I knew my husband Michael, 36, loved me for who I was, not how I looked, so I got comfortable.

A lazy lifestyle and huge portions of pie and chips meant I soon tipped the scales at 20 stone and wore a hulking size 26.

I hated the cruel comments and stares my fat frame attracted in the street, so I hardly left the house.

Once, on a rare night out, I’d spent ages dolling myself up only for a pub punter to sneer: ‘Here comes Nelly the elephant!’

Another time, at a garden party, I flattened a metal deckchair to the ground. I was mortified.

But the turning point came when Cody came home from school one day in tears.

‘Mum, kids at school keep calling you fat. They say you’re like an elephant,’ he sobbed. In that moment, I knew I had to change.

Cody had already had to move schools once because of bullies. I couldn’t let them target him again because of me.

So, in January 2013, I joined Slimming World and began eating regular, healthy meals.

Within a week I’d lost 7lbs and after three weeks, I’d shed a stone. Thrilled with my progress, I even signed up to Zumba and boxing classes.

When Michael and I married in December 2014, I felt like a million dollars and by August 2015, I’d lost a massive 8st 1lb.

Weighing 11st 13lbs and slipping into slinky size 12 outfits, I’m happier and healthier than I’ve ever been.

Now, I’m proud to pick Cody up from school and he doesn’t have to worry about those cruel school bullies anymore.

Nelly the Elephant has packed her trunk and said goodbye to the circus that is the school playground!

Jay sold her weight loss story to Pick Me Up magazine
Jay’s story in Pick Me Up magazine
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