Jade's 8 stone weight loss with Slimming World
BEFORE AND AFTER: Jade lost over 8 stone on Slimming World to recreate her holiday snaps

When 15st 12lbs Jade, 24, got stuck in a water slide at Disneyland Florida, that was the final straw. As soon as she got home she joined a diet club. After losing 7st 10lbs from her size 22 frame, she finally agreed to marry her fiance Luke and she glided down the aisle last year in a slinky size 8 gown. Of course there was only one honeymoon option… Florida! This time Jade recreated her holiday snaps to show her journey to being a skinny minnie…

By Helen O’Brien Google

Going to Disneyland Florida was supposed to be a holiday of a lifetime.

My son, Cameron, was only three months old and it was our first family trip abroad.

I knew I certainly wasn’t at my slimmest, but as a new mum I cut myself a bit of slack.

It was only when we arrived at the theme park that I was forced to realise just how big my size 22 bum really was.

Me and my fiance Luke were queuing excitedly for a rollercoaster when one of the staff pulled me out of the queue.

“We just need to check you’re not too big for this ride,” they explained, before sizing me up.

“We’ll put you in one of the seats for larger people,” I was told, as I was ushered onto the ride.

Surely I wasn’t that huge?

But I couldn’t be in denial for long, just days later I got stuck on a flume at one of the waterparks.

Humiliated, back home I pledged it was time to change.

I joined Slimming World and weighed in at a huge 15st 12lbs.

It was even worse than I thought!

But right from the start I attacked the new healthy meal plan with gusto.

I ditched the cosy takeaways for homemade fresh food, and soon the weight was falling off me.

Then, several stones later, I decided I was ready for a challenge I’d been putting off for ages… my wedding!

I’d been engaged to Luke for a few years, but I always found a reason not to tie the knot.

At the back of my mind was a nagging doubt… would I ever be a slim, beautiful bride?

But with a new found confidence, we set a date and by the time I walked down the aisle in April 2013 I was a sexy size 8.

I’d lost 7st 10lbs!

Of course there was only one place to spend our honeymoon – Florida!

This time I knew it would be different. Instead of puffing and panting round the theme parks, I recreated my horrible fat holiday poses from before.

Finally feeling like a skinny minnie was the best wedding present ever.

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