Diet confession: I swap food for booze

Diet confession: I swap food for booze

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Rhian before and after
Rhian before and after
Despite piling on the pounds at uni, I didn’t want to give up my party lifestyle. So I found an extreme solution…
By Rhian Cheyne, 28, from Cardiff

I’d always been small but university life transformed me.

By the time I went into my second year, too many bottles of wine and budget food had taken their toll on my waistline.

My weight crept up from 9st to 10st 7lbs and at a size 12 I decided to act before it spiralled out of control.

I missed my petite size 8 frame and downloaded a fitness app that worked out how many calories I needed to lose weight.

I soon became transfixed by my calorie intake.

But I was in for a shock – alcohol was full of them.

I loved partying with the girls and I didn’t want to be the sober Sally in the corner not having fun, but alcohol is so calorific that a proper night out easily added up to three meals.

Love It magazine article
Rhians story in Love It

I quickly worked out the simple solution: not to eat when I knew I had a night out on the tiles planned.

I was amazed at how quickly the pounds started to drop off.

The equation was easy but effective – swap food for alcohol.

As a budding actress, it’s important for me to look good and be out networking.

I love fashion and like to wear what I want and feel confident that I look great in my outfit.

By starving myself to go on a boozy night out, I can feel reassured that I can maintain my figure.

I can’t remember the last time I ate on a Saturday, but I’d rather that than be a fatty or missing out on a night on the dancefloor.

I’m not an alcoholic but I like a drink.

I make sure I stick to low-calorie beverages like gin and tonics rather than red wine or lager, so I can enjoy a guilt-free night out.

I’d rather feel faint or end up having one too many on an empty stomach than be overweight.

It might sound shocking and I’m aware of the health risks but being obese has huge health implications too.

I’m happy being a ‘drinkorexic’. It works for me and I won’t be changing my lifestyle any time soon.

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