Bride betrayed: I befriended my hubby’s mistress

Bride betrayed: I befriended my hubby’s mistress

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Lisa and Harry
Lisa and Harry
When I found a note on my front door I contacted my mystery caller and unravelled my husband’s double life…
By Lisa Park, 46, Queensland, Australia

Looking out at the ocean, I couldn’t have imagined a better place to marry the man of my dreams.

‘Do you take Harry to be your lawfully wedded husband?’ the celebrant asked. ‘I do,’ I beamed.

Harry, then 48, and I were exchanging vows aboard a cruise ship. We’d met just 18 months earlier on a dating website.

Having been married before, I wasn’t looking for anything serious but I couldn’t resist Harry’s cheeky smile.

We shared a love of volunteering and both had grown-up children from previous relationships. After chatting back and forth we arranged to meet for a coffee later that week.

Sparks flew. Neither of us wanted the date to end and I quickly fell head over heels.

The only thing I didn’t love about Harry was how guarded he could be. He was very private and didn’t like me using his phone or computer.

Still, I figured he was just set in his ways as he was very charming and loving.

After a year, Harry and I moved in together. A few weeks later Harry surprised me by getting down on one knee. ‘Will you marry me?’ he asked with his trademark grin.

We decided to elope and had a beautiful ceremony in October of 2014. I thought I’d found my perfect man.


But 10 months into our marriage, I came home to find a note stuck to the screen door. I came to talk to you about Harry, please call me before you speak to him, it read.

I was confused. Maybe one of his friends is trying to plan a surprise for him? I thought, baffled.

Calling the number, a young woman answered. I was completely stunned by what she said next. ‘Harry is in a relationship with my mother,’ she told me.

What? Harry wouldn’t do that to me.

In a state of shock, I asked if she would put me in contact with her mum to set the record straight.

Later that night I received a text from a woman named Anne, 51. Harry and I have been involved for the last two years, she admitted.

‘That’s nearly our whole relationship!’ I realised in horror.

We arranged to meet in person later in the week so she could tell me more. Even though I was seething with rage, I hid my anger from Harry. I didn’t want him to catch on before my meeting with his mistress.

Three days later, I waited nervously for her at a local shopping centre. When she walked towards me, she wasn’t at all what I expected.

Anne was about the same age as me and looked completely normal. Standing up to greet her, I surprised myself by wrapping her in a hug. The situation was so strange that I didn’t know what else to do!

‘I’m so sorry,’ Anne blurted out. She told me she’d met Harry in August 2013 while he and I had been dating. He was very flirty and told her he was single.

They started a passionate relationship and she frequently went to his house for romantic rendezvous.

But she never even knew I existed! She got suspicious when he suddenly wanted to meet her at hotels instead.

It must have been when we moved in together, I realised.

Eventually she used the GPS function on her mobile messaging app to find out Harry’s new address.

She’d driven by the house and seen me and Harry in the front yard gardening.

‘He saw me and he glared at me,’ Anne said sadly. ‘He was so angry that I was there.’

The next day he confessed to Anne that he was married.At first, she was so madly in love she’d kept seeing him for a few months. But she was riddled with guilt and couldn’t go on any longer.

After hearing her story, I wasn’t angry with her. I felt sorry for her. Harry had hurt her just as much as he’d hurt me. We even shared a laugh and I realised that despite everything, I quite liked her.

I decided to phone Harry and confront him with Anne by my side.

‘Hello Harry, I’ve just been having a lovely conversation with Anne,’ I said cheerfully. ‘Who’s Anne?’ he replied carefully.

‘The woman you’ve been sleeping with for the past two years,’ I replied.

Harry immediately began to cry and told me he was sorry. But I didn’t want to hear it. I told him to pack his things and leave before I got home. Moments later Anne’s phone began to ring.

‘Hello Harry!’ she answered. ‘I’m here with your lovely wife, do you want to say hello?’

I burst into a fit of giggles as Harry hung up. He was gone when I got home but he showed up at my door the next day. Begging for forgiveness, he asked for another chance.

I refused – he had betrayed me and broken my heart.

Over the next few weeks Anne and I chatted every day. It seems strange, but going through the heartbreak together had made us quite close.

Lisa and Anne
Lisa and Anne

I felt like I could tell her anything. She had a wicked sense of humour and was a great listener.

After a few months of begging, I met Harry for dinner. He apologised and promised he would never lie again. But I didn’t trust him.

Last December he called and asked for one more chance. ‘I don’t think so Harry,’ I said, feeling slightly guilty.

I couldn’t believe I actually felt bad about hurting him. But the next day I received a text message that made that feeling instantly disappear.

I just found out that Harry has been seeing several ladies including me. Are you his wife? It read.

A quick call to the number revealed yet another woman who Harry had been seeing for over a year. She was shocked to find out I existed.

I immediately called Anne to tell her the news. ‘I wish I’d never met him!’ she fumed.

It’s been three months and I’m happy to say I haven’t spoken to Harry again.

Anne and I still talk regularly and even meet up for a drink every now and then. I may have had my heart broken, but at least I got a new friend out of it!

Anne, 51, says: When Harry first approached me, I felt really flattered. I had been widowed seven years earlier and didn’t feel like men were going to be interested in me anymore. Harry was fun and he made me feel sexy and attractive again. But I had no idea about Lisa or I never would have started the relationship in the first place. I feel terrible for continuing to see him after finding out. Sometimes it’s hard to turn off your feelings. I’m glad that Lisa has forgiven me and I’ve gained a great friend.

Harry, 49, says: Lisa is a lovely person and I wish her all the best.

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