How to sell a weight loss story

How to sell a weight loss story

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Weight loss stories are really popular with magazines, whether it’s an inspirational woman who has dropped the pounds to change her life, or even a bigger women who wants to speak out about how she is happy with the way she looks. Lots of clients come to us hoping to share their weight loss secrets with the world – whether it’s through surgery, popular diet plans, or sheer willpower.

We love seeing people’s fantastic before and after transformation pictures, and they really help us to sell a weight loss story for a top fee. But the best way to sell a weight loss story is to emphasise something unique. Maybe you were inspired to drop the pounds after seeing a terrible photo of yourself, or someone made an unkind comment? Or maybe you found yourself in an embarrassing situation where your size got in the way? Did you try something different slim down – eating an unusual meal plan or resorting to strange exercise routines? Has your weight loss had unexpected results too – perhaps you’ve found or lost love as a result? You can find lots more ideas below.

Got my dream body thanks to wedding pic

16-stone Victoria, 33, was happy with her body, so when her fiance proposed she decided not to diet for her wedding in August 2009. But when the wedding photos came back she was distraught. She realised just how big she was and regretted ruining her big day. Inspired to lose weight, she dropped 8.5 stone. Now a size 8, she hopes to renew her vows – and get the wedding album of her dreams. Victoria sold her wedding story to Pick Me Up.

Sometimes, we also help to raise awareness of what can happen when weight loss goes wrong.


Bypass hell! Lost 15st and wedding memories

When Rachel, 28, tipped the scales at a whopping 24 stone she underwent a gastric bypass procedure – but the op was botched. In a critical condition, Rachel was induced into a coma. But when she came round 11 days later, she didn’t recognise anyone around her. Even now, five years on and a slinky 9st 5lb, Rachel’s health problems are continuing. She received £35,000 in compensation, but that will never bring back her lost memories of her wedding day. Rachel sold her gastric bypass story to Closer magazine.


Big bride to stunner – “I lost 13st and my hubby!”

After a gastric bypass on Christmas Eve 2010, 21st Candice, 29, lost 13st. Hubby Dan loved her hot new look – but he wasn’t the only one. Candice’s incredible eight stone body and growing confidence invited admiring looks from men everywhere she went. Jealousy tore them apart and the couple separated three months ago, after 10 years together. Candice’s dream body wrecked her marriage. We helped Candice sell her diet story to Bella magazine.


Five reasons to sell your weight loss story:

  1. Share your story with millions – reach women, just like you
  2. Get a makeover – most magazines treat you to a glossy photo shoot, with professional make-up artists
  3. Earn a high fee – often two or three times, as we can sell your story to several different magazines
  4. Stay in control – we always guarantee you full approval over the final article
  5. Have fun – it’s a enjoyable process, and you’ll have a beautiful article to keep forever


Some people just think about selling their diet story to a magazine, but we can also place your story in national newspapers, TV and radio. Use the contact form on the right to contact us for advice or get in touch with one of the team directly.

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