How do I sell a holiday story?

How do I sell a holiday story?

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Often, clients come to us with interesting holiday stories. While embarking a trip of a lifetime, holidays can often turn out to be not what you expect them to be at all. Was your holiday memorable for an unexpected reason, good or bad? Do you have the pictures to prove it? Then get in touch to sell your holiday story – the fee could even pay for your next trip abroad!

Surprise! You’re getting married
Lynn, 48, thought she was having the holiday of a lifetime when her partner Brian proposed to her on a beach in Ibiza. But then Brian revealed an even bigger surprise – they were tying the knot later that very day, in front of their family! Brian had been secretly planning the wedding for months, unknown to Lynn. Lynn sold her holiday story to Woman’s Own and Real People.

But unfortunately, some trips away end up being a horrific holiday from hell.


Caught hubby cheating… on holiday!

Louise, 25, was enjoying the first day of her honeymoon holiday with new husband Kris, 30, when she spotted him chatting to Charlotte. Suspicious after Kris then spent four nights out on the tiles with Charlotte she stormed through the hotel to confront the pair. She found him in Charlotte’s room — wearing just his boxer shorts. Kris admitted cheating on the holiday and the pair are now divorcing. Louise sold her holiday from hell story to The Sun.

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