How to sell a health story

How to sell a health story

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Believe it or not, selling your real life health story could save lives!

You can raise awareness of health issues like cancer, depression, fertility, heart disease and strokes by telling your health story and you could help others get the diagnosis and treatment they may need too. You can also promote a charity or support group that has helped you through your illness by selling your story and we will ensure we negotiate the best fee possible.

We’ve found that many people who sell their health story find it a therapeutic and positive experience. The magazine and newspaper editors we work with get countless letters from readers who have been inspired by stories of people who have battled different health conditions. You may recognise Jono Lancaster below – he has Treacher Collins Syndrome and we helped him sell his story to three magazines, This Morning and two BBC3 documentaries.

If you’d like to sell a health story, do get in touch and we’ll see how much money you could earn for it. We’ll deal with your story in a sensitive and responsible way and you’ll get the opportunity to have it read back to you before it gets printed too.

“Who could love this face?”

Jono was given up for adoption when he was a baby because his parents couldn’t deal with his facial disfigurement. He battled low self esteem and depression for years, until he met Laura. We told their inspirational love story in magazines including Reveal and Real People, and the couple have appeared in two major documentaries as well as on This Morning. We were proud to help raise awareness of Treacher Collins syndrome.

You can see similar stories in our health and weight loss story section. Whatever the health issue, we’d love to hear from you. Fill in the contact form on the right and we’ll call you. 

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