How to sell a child abuse story

How to sell a child abuse story

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We’re always so proud to help our clients to raise awareness of child abuse. It’s never an easy issue to talk about, but every single story makes a difference. Telling a personal story about emotional, physical or sexual abuse can help other victims to come forward and report their own ordeals to the police. It can also help others to not feel alone in what they’ve been through. However, deciding whether you’re ready to share your story with the press is a personal decision. We can help you by explaining how telling your story would work, and then it’s up to you to decide whether you’d like to go ahead.


Can I tell my story if my abuser wasn’t convicted?

Although a court conviction is a good starting point for a story, sometimes this isn’t necessary. It’s a good idea to have a chat with us about your specific circumstances, and we’ll be able to say for sure whether there are any legal obstacles to selling your story. You can contact us any time for a confidential chat on 0117 9076934 or using the contact form on the right. You don’t even have to tell us your name.


Can I tell my abuse story anonymously?

Absolutely. In fact we’ve written a complete guide to selling an anonymous story.


Can you help me to write a book about child abuse and my childhood?

We’ve got links with top UK publishing houses, and we’d love to help you to explore the opportunities for seeing your full story in print. For example, in recent months we’ve worked with Rotherham sex abuse scandal victim Sarah Wilson, ghostwriting her book for renowned publisher HarperCollins. In the book, Violated, Sarah bravely and honestly recounts her terrifying experiences at the hands of an older gang. Sarah’s sold nearly 40,000 copies so far, thanks to publicity opportunities with Loose Women, Marie Claire magazine, and the Telegraph newspaper. For more information, see our guide to writing an autobiography


How do I control my press coverage?

Whenever you choose to tell your story in a magazine or a newspaper, we ensure you retain ultimate control over your story. It will only be published with your full, signed consent, and you’ll even get to approve the exact wording. Put simply, we want to ensure you are 100 per cent happy. There is more information about this in our selling a story FAQ.


Can I see some examples of your child abuse stories?

After surviving years of physical abuse at the hands of her mum, Jessica wanted to share her story. We arranged for her to sell her child abuse story to That’s Life magazine, helping her to show that there is hope after a traumatic childhood.

We helped Charmaine to name and shame her abuser in a national women’s magazine. After being sexually molested by her babysitter, Charmaine spoke out in the press to raise awareness.

When Stuart’s daughter was groomed by an online paedophile, he went above and beyond to ensure the perpetrator could never hurt another girl again. He sold his story about trapping a paedophile to Pick Me Up magazine, the Sun newspaper, and the Daily Mail website.

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