How do I sell my Scottish story?

How do I sell my Scottish story?

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Often, we’re contacted by people in Scotland who have an interesting story to tell. Many say: “I want to sell my story – but will newspapers and magazines in England be interested?” The answer is yes! We’ve sold countless Scottish stories to magazines and newspapers across the UK and we also work with the Scottish editions of some national newspapers.

Our Scottish clients find that working with us often helps them get a better deal than going to the newspapers or magazines directly. There is also a real lack of experienced and reliable media agents operating in Scotland – so many people find it easier to come to us when they have an interesting experience they want to share.

See below to learn more about Scottish clients we have recently worked with.

Caught groom cheating… on our honeymoon!

Louise, 25, was thrilled when her boyfriend, Kris Jarrett, proposed after seven years together. The couple, from Paisley, Renfrewshire, wed last year but Louise’s joy soon turned to despair when she caught Kris, 30, cheating just 19 hours into their lavish honeymoon in Ibiza with Charlotte Towning, 22. Kris and Charlotte have now begun a relationship, leaving devastated Louise to explain to her five-year-old daughter Millie why her dad isn’t coming home.

We secured Louise an exclusive deal with the Sun newspaper.



I want my four-year-old to have my baby

Jenna, 29, was devastated when she was told her daughter Libby, now five, was suffering from Turner’s Syndrome – a rare condition which meant she would never conceive naturally. Heartbroken that her little girl might never experience the joy of being a mum, Jenna, from Forfar, Angus, took the radical step of having her own eggs frozen. This means that if Libby decides in future that she wants children, her partner’s sperm will be used to fertilise her mum’s eggs – making the baby her biological sister.

We negotiated coverage for the family in the Daily Mirror, Take A Break and the Scottish edition of the Mail on Sunday. Jenna also appeared on Daybreak.


Kitten in the stars! I do horoscopes for pets

Fiona, 52, is the UK’s only pet astrologer and set up her business Celestial Paws in 2009. The mum-of-three, from Glasgow, believes we can get closer to our pets by finding out about their star signs. Fiona used to be a human astrologist but switched to pets when she realised her true talent lay with animals.

We helped Fiona tell her story in the Sun and Chat magazine.


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