Weight-loss stories to inspire readers

Weight-loss stories to inspire readers

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Danielle Hoffman

Inspiring weight-loss stories are always attractive to the women’s magazines market. Here at Medavia we always have success in placing such stories in well-known publications.

After a long day, Sharon, 38, fancied a relaxing soak in the tub – but her quick dip turned out to be disastrous when she couldn’t get herself out of the bath. We placed Sharon’s story in Take a Break.

Having always struggled with her weight, Samantha, 28, was determined to use her wedding as an incentive to become slim. But at her final dress fitting, the size 18 gown she’d ordered didn’t fit. She had to have it modified to fit her 21st 6lbs, size 24 frame. It was only after seeing her wedding photos when reality hit. She vowed to change and lost 7.5st. She’s now a size 14. We placed Samantha’s story in The Sun’s Woman supplement.


Below are some of the stories currently wanted by the magazines. If you’ve got a story you want to tell, get in touch today and find out how much your story is worth. Fill in the form on the right or call us on 0117 973 0705 for a confidential, informal chat.

Reasons for weight gain: Is there a story behind your size? Did your partner try to control you with food? Were you addicted to a certain food or drink? Is there another reason why you reached your biggest size?

Life after weight loss: Has your life changed dramatically since losing weight? Have you experienced amazing health benefits or finally found love? Has it changed your life for another reason? Have you lost a large amount of weight? Or slimmed down in a really short space of time?

Reasons for weight loss: Have you got a funny, shocking or unique reason for losing weight? Did a partner, friend, family member or even a stranger encourage you to lose weight? Did you lose weight with a friend or partner? Were you slimming to fit into an outfit or for an event like a wedding? Or were you inspired by a celebrity, movie or another random idea?


Christine's story in That's Life
Christine’s story in That’s Life

‘I’ve had a good life, Mum’

When Kerry was diagnosed with bone cancer, she vowed she wouldn’t let it ruin her life. She beat it twice – but then she was given the devastating news that it was terminal. Determined to make the most of what time she had left, Kerry brought her wedding forward. Her mum Christine wanted to tell her moving story, which we placed in That’s Life magazine.


Gem's story in Take a Break
Gem’s story in Take a Break

Did I love my rapist stepdad?

Gem was just 13 when her Mum’s boyfriend, John, began to groom her for sex. She was too young to understand what was happening, even believing that she was in love with John and that they were in a relationship. But as she got older she realised that what he had done to her was wrong. Gem went to police and John was arrested. He was jailed for 14 years. We sold Gem’s story to Take a Break magazine.

Measha's story in Pick Me Up magazine
Measha’s story in Pick Me Up magazine

I had to tell my fiancé I’m a man!

  • After a year of dating, and a week after getting engaged, Measha, 25, made a shocking confession to her fiance – she’d been born a man. Her fiancé, George, 25, was horrified and dumped Measha – but returned a week later, confessing his love for her. After five years of hormone treatment Measha’s planning to have her op so they can marry next year – and consummate their relationship. We placed Measha’s story in Pick Me Up magazine.


    Sara's story in Pick Me Up
    Sara’s story in Pick Me Up

    Hero hound!

    • Sara, 28, was diagnosed with epilepsy age 17. It knocked her confidence, so she bought a dog, Sheeba, to help her. Months later Sheeba saved Sara’s life when she had a fit and fell in the road. Since then, Sheeba has saved her life over 100 times. Despite receiving no formal training, Sheeba senses a fit and stops Sara hurting herself. We place Sara’s heart-warming story in Pick Me Up magazine.