Too fat for a seatbelt, so I lost 10 stone!

Too fat for a seatbelt, so I lost 10 stone!

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Donna, 32, was mortified when she had to be fitted with an extra large seat belt during the flight for her little boy’s first holiday in August 2010. So she ditched the takeaways and lost a staggering 10 stone.

By Helen O’Brien Google

I beamed as I waved the tickets at my husband Neil.

“Gran Canaria here we come!” I squealed.

Our little boy, Ryan, was nearly three and we couldn’t wait to take him away now he was old enough to build his own sandcastles.

But I was anxious too – I could already picture the girls with beautiful bikini bodies that would inevitably be parading down the beach.

Weight loss before
BEFORE: Donna at 22 stone

Tipping the scales at 22-and-a-half stone, I felt hideous.

I had been overweight since I’d started seeing Neil at the age of 15, and I’d reached 17 stone by the time we got married three years later.

But I was happy – my childhood sweetheart always showered me with compliments.

Safe in Neil’s love, I ignored my expanding waistline and gorged on takeaways, crisps, and ready meals.

But gradually, my soaring weight began to take its toll.

I felt like I was failing as a mother when I couldn’t keep up with Ryan at the park, but instead of taking action I sought comfort in the junk food that was destroying me.

But as we flew off on our special holiday to Gran Canaria, I could ignore my jumbo jet of a figure no longer…

At a hulking size 26, the seat belts on the plane just wouldn’t stretch round my bulging belly.

I was expecting our second baby at the time but I knew that was no excuse.

I was mortified as the other passengers stared while the cabin crew fitted me with an extra large belt.

“I’m sure you wouldn’t have had this problem if you weren’t four months pregnant,” Neil soothed.

But I cried the whole way there and spent the whole holiday feeling repulsed with myself.

After weight loss
AFTER: Donna lost 10 stone

I knew I had to act, only I was too nervous to make any major changes to my body while I was pregnant.

But when a midwife told me I needed to lose weight as I held our newborn baby girl, Isabelle, in December 2010, enough was enough.

I joined a slimming group and ditched the takeaways.

Within a year I’d lost six stone, and now my total weight loss has reached 10 stone and I’m a slinky size 8-10.

I’ve ditched my baggy, plane clothes and bought a new beach wardrobe for our holiday to Turkey.

I can’t wait to flaunt my new bikini body – I’m feeling sky high!


before after diet
BEFORE AND AFTER: Donna lost ten stone

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