How I survived a flesh eating bug!

How I survived a flesh eating bug!

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We’d never abandon our UK clients, but at Sell My Story we absolutely love hearing about life across the pond. Our North America correspondent James Knock helps US based families and individuals with media management, filling magazines here with weird and wacky tales of alternatives lifestyles, shocking crimes, and unusual experiences. This week he’s had two stories published – you can read the full articles by clicking on the images.


Newlywed Whitney, 25, was about to start trying for a baby when she contracted a flesh eating bug which ravaged her body. She flatlined during surgery to remove the dead flesh, but amazingly survived. Months later she fell pregnant – but miscarried. And doctors said the bug was to blame. Surviving a killer disease only to lose her baby was a bitter blow. But Whitney’s grateful to be alive. She told her story in Pick Me Up magazine.


Two months after Amy, 41, was raped she discovered she was pregnant. Despite the risks, her husband stood by her and they kept the baby. But the truth was revealed nine months later in the delivery room – when a black baby was born into Amy’s white family. Shielding their son from the awful truth they kept the past a secret. But Bryan is now nine and Amy won’t be able to keep her secret for much longer. She told her emotional story in Love It! magazine.

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