This week in the mags: Fighting against domestic violence

This week in the mags: Fighting against domestic violence

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Rachel Butler


According to statistics from a leading charity, 1 in 4 women will be a victim of domestic abuse in their lifetime. These figures are based on women which report the abuse – meaning actual numbers could be far higher.

Here at Sell My Story, we work with so many extraordinary women who have been a domestic abuse victim. We admire their bravery in speaking out. Often they do so to encourage other women to report violence to the police.

If you’ve been through domestic violence and feel the time is right for you to tell your story, get in touch with us today by calling 0117 9076934. We will treat your call with the utmost confidentiality.


Gemma, 27, was desperate to escape her violent, controlling partner, Kawin but was too scared to leave him. Then in September 2007, he accused her of cheating. In a rage, he stabbed her and left her to die – until she begged for her life. He took her to hospital but forced her to stay silent. We placed her story in Love It magazine.




Shalon's story in Real People
Shalon’s story in Real People


Shalon was a beautiful bride but as the years passed a rare condition caused her face to balloon beyond all recognition. Shalon was left hideously deformed and in agony. There was no cure and despite her desperate pleas, doctors refused to operate. The 35-year-old finally found a surgeon who agreed to remove half her face. She healed in time to be bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding. We placed her story in Real People magazine.



After her husband bluntly told her she was fat, Andrea, 33, lost half her body weight dropping from 22 stone to 11 stone. But despite now having the face of a model and an amazing new figure to match, her excess saggy skin makes her life hell. Her loose folds flop out at awkward moments, get caught on things – and her hubby even rolls onto it in his sleep, pinning her to the bed! Her story is in this week’s Chat magazine.

Maria's story in Take a Break
Maria’s story in Take a Break


Believing her ex, Paul, might be dad to her 13-year-old daughter Sarah, mum Maria arranged for the pair to spend time together. Later, Sarah revealed Paul raped her. Sickened, Maria hid her abuser’s true identity and Paul was jailed for six years. Maria, 41, then told Sarah her rapist may be her father. Shocked, Sarah is now desperate for a paternity test, to know if her dad abused her. We placed their shocking story in Take a Break magazine.

Chelsea's story in Pick Me Up
Chelsea’s story in Pick Me Up


Chelsea, 22, was furious when her last bus home pulled away from the bus-stop and drove off – just as she was running to catch it. The cheeky bus driver grinned as, huffing and puffing, she finally caught up with it – but just days later he did the same thing again! It broke the ice and the driver, John, 29, asked Chelsea out on a date. It was just the ticket – the pair married and had a baby last year. We sold their story to Pick Me Up magazine.

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