THIS WEEK IN THE MAGS: Body transformation stories

THIS WEEK IN THE MAGS: Body transformation stories

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Transformation stories are incredibly popular with all of the women’s magazines. Readers love to hear about women seizing the opportunity to change something in their lives. That could be weight loss, cosmetic surgery, or a sexy image overhaul. We’ve had some great examples published recently, so take a look.

£20k surgery for dates with toyboys!

Patricia moved to Portugal after her marriage broke down and instantly took to the sizzling lifestyle of sun, sea, sand… and sexy toyboys! Stunning Patricia, 60, enjoyed a string of steamy relationships with Portuguese  toyboys before moving back to the UK in 2010. Now, after £20k of cosmetic surgery, the glam gran goes on an amazing three dates with toyboys a week — and has no intention of slowing down! Her story was told by Woman magazine. We also got Patricia deals with Take A Break and the Daily Mirror.


Gillian, 41, loved her husband Steven’s home-cooked meals so much that she gorged herself from a slim size 10 to a hefty size 24, weighing in at over 17st. Horrified after seeing an unflattering holiday picture of herself she vowed to lose weight — and Steven agreed to help by serving up healthy dinners. But it was only when she posted pictures of her meals on Facebook that she was spurred on by the online community to lose an incredible 7 stone. We set her up deals with Best and Pick Me Up magazines, and the Sun newspaper.


Do you have a body transformation story to share? Have you got photographs to show your incredible journey? We’d love to hear from you. Use the contact form on the right, and one of our team of media consultants will be in touch to explain how you can sell your story too.

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